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Small Showdown. I get to kill first, maybe second, possibly third one aswell, but then I run out of ammo, and I get killed. The problem also is "The AI is so simple it makes it hard". They just run straight into you, and while that's good while you have ammo, it's really bad when you run out of it. It makes me panic aswell.

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Do you have a discord server? Btw really good game, although the challenges are almost impossible

Pretty good concept

Just played it and here is my review on the game. In the description of the video you say that this is based on your next upcoming game called LITS (Or I guess it is yours), so this is just a list of what to do or improve in the game LITS.

When you start the game, it would be best to have music playing right from the start, and not when you select a level. Also you should make "Go back" option when selecting a game, I selected the wrong gun, but I need to restart the game to select it. And also, I noticed that when you're in menu for too long the text color starts changing, nice easter egg!

Next up is the gameplay itself and I've got a few stuff to say on this. Firstly is that while controls are ok, the reloading is quite weird. You have to hold to reload, and sometimes I just click it, without realizing that I didn't reloaded. Secondly, is the zooming. It zooms too much, and while you can zoom in and out, it is really weird

The scope zooms in and out, but the player won't. It is really confusing. And also the camera is highly zoomed in, it makes sensitivity really high and also just awkward to move with it and shoot aswell. So I suggest to remove zoom in/out feature, and zoom the camera closer. Also if you want to keep it anyway, the zooming is reversed, and also, guns that don't have scopes, will have them when you zoom, weird.

Next is jumping. Firstly you jump too high, and secondly, when you land, you will stop, and I recommend to fix that.

Next is the death sound and when I first time heard it I almost shad my pants! What even is that? You screaming to microphone, or does it play every sound in the game? Either way, please, change it, really freaky.

Either way I don't really have problem with anything else. The shooting is satisfactory, and movement is ok. The AI is good aswell, although legendary is quite unfair, it's not really that bad.

To levels, I recommend fixing them by doing three things. Firstly is to just move some stuff. Some walls are in each other, making the textures clip. It's not game-breaking, just something you should fix. Secondly is ammo. You just move through the box and get ammo. I recommend just giving a time limit, or alternatively, make it spawn around the map. And thirdly is that there are some spots for exploits. In the Greedy Grid, there are some spots where you can hide, and shoot enemies from. They won't shoot you cause of some glitch that I will talk about now. It makes it really easy, and because of that, I got 60+ kills on Legendary difficulty just because I hid there. And also maybe changing names of levels. I don't find anything about Greedy Grid to be Greedy.

Now to the glitch, when you get close to enemy, they will start to do some strange movement that just doesn't make them shoot. And also not really a glitch but enemies can kill each other, when one is behind another one he can kill him.

Now I want to ask some questions.
1, In the video's description you talked about a game called LITS, is this game yours?
2, Will there be campaign? In this game or the LITS?
3, WIll you update this game or not?

That is all I wanted to talk about, maybe I will say something more on it but until now this is all. Have a nice day.

You should make the full release, and make it free as well please

Color Shooter community · Created a new topic My experience

So I played this game and I have quite a stuff to tell, and how I feel about this game.
So first things first, the gameplay. I know this is alpha, but this hit-detection, movement, and overall is, not so good. You always start aiming, what is weird, but it is okay, as you don't want to hip-fire anyway (More on that later). We need to point out the elephant in the room, and that is movement. Character is really fast, that is a big problem. You don't want your character to run like cheetah. It also makes this problem: When you're running up a tilted floor, and move to flat floor, character will fly up there, and it can be multiplied by jump. This makes real glitch, where you can skip quite a portion with just a simple jump, like in red story level 2, going up stairs, gonna go up, on end, jump, you will jump to the end of the level. Second problem here is that character can't walk straight forward on stuff that is higher than his knees, and that is big problem too. You're moving, and then you can't walk past, and it is quite irritating. Third problem is this: You touch the wall, and you will stop completely, and can't "slide" on wall. It is really irritating, mainly in red story, where there are pillars, you touch the wall, and you stop. 

Now moving from movement to gun-play. There is crosshair when hip-firing, but f you hip-fire, most of time you'll hit wall. It may be realistic, and would be good on first look, but thing is: There is no spread (or there is but I am not aware of it), and also the shooting is object based, so bullet goes where the creation point aims to. Firstly, crosshair isn't helping, bullet doesn't go where camera aims, because as said, it is object based shooting, and so you'll never hit hip-firing. So you can only rely on aiming, but that isn't good too. If you're next to wall, you won't see, because gun won't move to camera, but camera moves to gun, so if gun is in wall, your camera will be too. This can make problem, but not too big problems. Secondly, you'll need to always have to aim a bit above than where you want to hit, as the camera is above the gun.
To next point, is how the gun is handled. There comes smoke like from campfire. Is that pistol still using gunpowder that is still with smoke? What are we firing? Matchlock musket that looks like pistol? But jokes aside, it can be really irritating, or funny by how you look at it. Enemy is shooting and on next second you can't even see his body. The AK has it fixed, but you'll get that only at blue story. Next is that you can kill enemies on one hit. It is realistic on one side, but this is game, so you don't really need that much of realism. Set enemies to die on three shots, and that way, you can also set less enemies.

Okay, now, from gameplay, let's move to maps. This is quite a thing. Maps are really short. They can take only around minute if you're going normal playthrough, but can be beaten in less that 10 seconds if speedrunning. Yes, it is alpha, but as with enemies, you can make less with better quality, and it will change quite a lot. Thirdly is design. They are really simple, have almost no decorations (Only blue story maps have decorations). It is alpha, but it is better to work on game right away rather than make placeholders. These maps also have quite a flaws, as said in gameplay, you can just glitch thru map and beat it.

And lasty, overall. With some fixes, this game can turn into actually quite a solid game. I have setted 4 stars out of 5 as of now, but I will change rating if this what I wrote will be fixed. If you have any questions, write me on discord: FORSTΞR.#1780 . If you'll want, I can even help you with creation of game. But anyway, have a good day!

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Sorry for rating, but I've had to do that. 2/5 stars. You might ask why it is like that, but here it is:

So, the game starts with menu. Menu doesn't looks appealing, but OK I can live with that. Then I moved to tutorial, and I just saw that it is just some testroom, and not tutorial. But I moved on...

I moved to survival, and here is section what broke the game most. The game looks... ugly, like seriously, it is ugly as hell. But I said to myself: "Hey, it is Unity". Moved to camp right to next to me, and also, why do you spawn only on one place, put more places to spawn in. Anyway, that camp has really good things, from the start, START! Why do you get glock, bat, ammunition and resources from start?

Anyway, moved to city, and in there, I just saw 2 bots, by the time of playing, I saw like 8 bots. Killed them is easier than turning PC on, as you'll get hella of ammunition, not really but for the time I was playing, it was enough. There was also a shop, that was actually a scam shop, as you paid, and didn't get nothing at all.

Moved to other city, and surprise, upgrade, 4 bots. It was easy too, and there I tested out bat and knife too, and... well... why does the bat exists? It is useless. Anyway, I got damage, so I healed myself, but it added to that down there, what wasn't getting damage, but that top-left side one didn't get anything. So cool, medkit that doesn't actually provide any medicine.

I moved to some destroyed houses. There I just wanted to see, how dying would look like, and there, you just go from the start. No death animation, no falling, nothing, boom, restart.

This is just... well... bad, really bad. It doesn't look good, has non-existent AI, difficulty, forgot, mono-sounds instead of actually stereo-sounds, and so, many, more.

Please, update this... game, just bad, just bad...

Windows Executable

I started to work on my game yesterday, as I just figured out yesterday about this Jam. 

Umm... ok, this is weird...

Mirrors and lasers

You can stuck yourself in the first level: Get the block on button, go into the room and get the box out of the button. Doors will close and you'll be stuck.

I can't open the executable, because it requires Data Folder

So my rating...

This is only Prototype, so my rating will change in future.

This is platformer game, so there must be some moves. Now there are only 2 basic moves: Jump and Sprint. This is only alpha, so in the future add more moves like: Double Jump, Dash, and more.

Tutorial is easy enought, but it doesn't tell everything like sprint. And it is obvious that you can sprint or crouch, but still, please add it.

Level design is looking simple, it's not masterpiece, but they aren't looking bad either. Levels itself are between medium and hard. Timer is always (Except last level) 10 seconds, so it is a little bit harder. Make the levels longer (Like 15 second), or delete the timer.

And I found 3 glitches. First one is when you are right next to block, jump and then hold the key to the direction of the block, will stuck you. To stop, stop holding the key. The second glitch is that when you stop crouching under some platform that is needed to be crouched under (Like that one in level 2), will stuck you. To stop, crouch again. And third one will be hard to fix (Probably). When you smash Crouch button and Jump button fast enough, you'll fall slower and start jump in air, and that is game-breaking. As you can fly over levels (Like the last level). 

So my rating for now is 4/5. This is Alpha, so I'll keep looking for updates...

This is very good game, I like this game. 

So the portals are absolutely great, and sometimes I didn't even know that I am actualy going through portals. That is great! And I am suprised that this game is optimized very well. There are some places where it lags, but it's not something horrible. 

The AI is, well, very, but very hard. They are giving a lot of damage to player, but are getting like, no damage. Also correct me if I am wrong, but headshots don't make more or less damage. And the next thing is that the medkits aren't helping either, as they are only healing 25 health points. Just please, make bots a little bit easier or make medkits heal more HP, like 50, 45 or even 35, or random between 35 to 50.

Level design is looking very well for now, but I'll wait and then rate the levels.

My rating, 5/5. Very cool idea that I like! It is in alpha so I will keep looking for updates...

There is a way to escape battle when you're in one, but you need to wait 10 minutes or so to escape.

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So my ranking...

This is good game, I like it, the cinematics, models and music are very good, but it is very confusing in terms of what to do. In the church, make the lock more visible, and make it more clearly what to next. Also reduce the count of priests.

I give it 4 stars out of 5. It is fun, but it took way longer than it needs to.

Thank you! <<<3

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So about game...

This game is good zombie FPS game. I like the game, but there are some things to be added or changed.

So I would change boxes. They are not mentioned in tutorial that they can be looted, but also they have got weird texture when looted. Please change that.

Then, I would add some things that would improve gameplay. So first I would add more types of zombies like Acid Spitter, Runner, Heavy, and more. Then I would like to add something like dealing with the price at merchants. And lastly, Airdrops, that could fall on island and then you can grab it.

And lastly, I found some arrow chilling above map, don't know why it is there.