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I just got FPV Freerider Recharged a few days ago and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Thank you! I have a few suggestions, some should be very simple to add if you are so inclined.

1) Make a Record button or checkbox that stays on, in case I want to always record the last run. Currently I crash a lot more often than I complete a lap, but having to use the keyboard to hit record every time I reset is tedious. 

2) In the same vein, having the option to only overwrite the recorded run if you finish and your time is better (so you can always chase your best run) would be  great as well. Separate best saves per lap count would also help.

3) An online leaderboard - this would add a HUGE value to your product.

4) a 3rd person "follower" cam angle. I know this doesn't really fit with the idea of an FPV sim, but it would have helped me a lot as a beginner.

Thanks again for building this!