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The Ground Itself feels more like a journey than a game.  This is not just a list of world-building prompts, despite appearing to be exactly that. Rather, it's a breath of life into even the simplest of ideas.  You begin with absolutely nothing, and with just a few cards drawn you begin to discover something beautiful, horrible, fantastic, and terrifying.  Every single question is left open enough to take it in whatever direction your Place tells you to, while also touching on such unique aspects that it feels creative and real.  

The Ground Itself does not have you create a world, but rather takes your hand and guides you through the raw and ever-changing soul of place.  It points out to you the beautiful decorations.  It introduces you to the struggle and strife.  It leads you to every nook and cranny you didn't know existed, while never letting you forget about the grand picture. 

It never feels like a setting with a list of questions and answers.  The prompts emerge only when you draw a card and then disappear once their job is complete.  Each one not only adds to the place, but intertwines with what already is established.  No two journeys are the same, and when all is said and done you can't help but get the feeling that your new Place came to you rather than you to it.  

I recommend this as THE essential world-building game.  You will fall in love with every place you discover with it.