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Never have gotten to play Fran Bow but stumbled upon this game and I freaking love it!! Can't wait until it's official release!

Played this game real quick one time and didn't get very far and quit because I wasn't in the mood to read lol but I decided to give it another try and I am glad it did. Very interesting game and it ended in another way than I was expecting. Wouldn't mind seeing more!

Pretty fun little game! Keep up the good work!

Was an interesting concept. Kind of put me in the mindset of those games you play where you have to play multiple times and each time the game gets more personal. I know it didn't have that but it felt like it could.

Pretty interesting game I thought. Did I get the suspect right? lol

Really neat idea! Funny because I remember having such thoughts at night. Maybe not as crazy as this but still. Might I also add that the decision to add a voice actor was a very good call! I think it made the immersion that much greater! Good work!

Pretty fun game I definitely enjoyed it myself!

ignore the crappy as heck audio and junk but this game was actually really cool!

Game is goofy as all heck....and I love it haha

My videos are still pretty garbo tbh but anyway this game is pretty good! I enjoyed it quite a bit!

I know I'm not being very original here by doing this buuuuuuut here ya go....Really cool game though :P