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Fair enough. :P But yeah good work! I'll have to keep an eye out if you make more!

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Oh no for sure I'm not saying this game is horrible and I realize I did come off strong and I do apologize and did apologize for that. I had no real issues with bugs or anything I just didn't feel the gotcha factor at the end when you actually get caught was really there. Though again, it was my fault for not reading the description. I realize now it was made in a short time which does excuse the issue I had but if you were to continue building on it from here i would just recommend adding more spooks for the actual girl but you're of course in every right to not listen to me and do whatever you want. It is YOUR game and I'm just a random dude on the internet lol. I really do apologize if my reactions came off wrong. And again everything else I thought was great. The graphics and atmosphere were really good!

I felt I may have been a bit critical after reading it was made in less than a week but yeah.


So yeah the graphics and atmosphere are done very well! I really enjoyed it and it literally had me sweating in fear of what might happen next. They only real complaint I have is the actual scares itself. It just felt like she moved too slow and when she did finally grab you nothing really happened and, for me, it completely killed the whole mood that the rest of the game set up. Again, other than that I really enjoyed it! Also, again, for something done in less that a week it's really good even with the issue I stated earlier! :)

I thought this was a very interesting game! I have played a few indie games here and there but most don't really have any cut scenes in them like yours does and that stood out to me a lot! I'm excited to see where the rest of this story goes!

An interesting game but if I am being honest I didn't quite understand that story of it. Also I got confused on if things attacked you or not. Maybe it's just me but ya. :P

Sweet! That's awesome news! Congratz! Can't wait till the next major update! :)

No problem! Happy to help any way I can your work is really good! Hope the note thing doesn't cause you too much trouble lol. Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me! :)

I love seeing every time you update this game! You put in so much work! The only few things I noticed were the camera being able to move diagonally feels weird to me, the press E to read button sometimes sticks, toward the end of the game it seems that you have to read each note twice in order to start the next part of the level, and the first note in the home about the family has a typo where you call the son a girl once. Other than that I truly love your work and I can't wait to see how it all turns out in the end! Also, is there a difference between donating to you through Kickstarter or Patreon? 

Is mainly jump scares but I still enjoyed it quite a bit! Not bad for a first project! Keep it up! :)

Really enjoyed your game! I love weird humor like this! Only complaint was how short it was. :P Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with! :)

This games was actually pretty enjoyable. I am not normally one to really enjoy visual novels but the quirks of this game made it pretty great!

I really liked this game a lot! I was honestly sad when it ended haha! Can't wait to see more of what you do! 

It's all good just giving my opinion is all. Would like to see what else you do! I'll have to keep an eye out!

Pretty interesting game overall. The monster dude thing was definitely disturbing looking. One thing though that happened to me was once I died the first time I seemed to be stuck in a short loop of him just rushing up the stairs at me before I had a chance to go downstairs. Also the way the music starts and just comes to a hard stop when you get a certain range away from him was really noticeable to me when grabbing the key downstairs. Anyway thanks for making it! 

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Played your second version a little while ago. I am really enjoying your work! Keep it up! Can't wait to see what the final product looks like! :)

This game was actually really cool! I clicked on one of your links and noticed you have history working on AAA games. Good on ya! Not sure if this was only intended to be a Prototype or if you're planning to build on it but either way I'd love to see more! The only thing that really felt off to me was how she talked when she first wakes up. Not really sure how to explain it but it just came off as a tad bit goofy to me for some reason. Though I will say the part right after with the ears is something I always find creepy. :P Anyway yeah, great work!

Really cool moments but overall I felt they were too far apart. Maybe I am just too impatient but it just felt a tad bit slow for me. Other than that it was a really cool concept!

Went ahead and tried your game out. It is pretty short but it was still pretty neat. I always love these kind of games that show off an innocent front but then turn dark. Interesting idea would love to see what's next if you make more!

Tried this game out to see what it was about. I don't wanna be rude but I didn't really understand it. It took me a while to figure out the controls since I didn't read them off this site first and the ending didn't really feel like an ending to me. I honestly thought I wasn't doing something right or maybe I broke it or something. I'm still not 100% if I beat it or not haha! Though there was an interesting thing you did with the toy box. How you made it move closer to the _____ if you didn't pick it up. Would be neat to see more things like that happen if you choose not to listen and follow directions. Just my two cents is all. :P

Pretty neat little game. Wasn't expecting the ending though so that was a good something something!

Pretty neat game. Seem to have some hints of PT? But any way I loved the part with the lights! That was pretty great! Would also love to see what else you add! The pitch black room was pretty creepy since you couldn't see anything. :)

Fun game but I'd like my tree fiddy back from MJ now lol

Never have gotten to play Fran Bow but stumbled upon this game and I freaking love it!! Can't wait until it's official release!

Played this game real quick one time and didn't get very far and quit because I wasn't in the mood to read lol but I decided to give it another try and I am glad it did. Very interesting game and it ended in another way than I was expecting. Wouldn't mind seeing more!

Pretty fun little game! Keep up the good work!

Was an interesting concept. Kind of put me in the mindset of those games you play where you have to play multiple times and each time the game gets more personal. I know it didn't have that but it felt like it could.

Pretty interesting game I thought. Did I get the suspect right? lol

Really neat idea! Funny because I remember having such thoughts at night. Maybe not as crazy as this but still. Might I also add that the decision to add a voice actor was a very good call! I think it made the immersion that much greater! Good work!

Pretty fun game I definitely enjoyed it myself!

ignore the crappy as heck audio and junk but this game was actually really cool!

Game is goofy as all heck....and I love it haha

My videos are still pretty garbo tbh but anyway this game is pretty good! I enjoyed it quite a bit!

I know I'm not being very original here by doing this buuuuuuut here ya go....Really cool game though :P