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Hey man I just watched your video and it was actually fun to see your reactions! Thanks a lot for the video and feedback :)

And yes this game might come out in VR who knows :)

Thank you for the video we appreciate it ! Hope you had fun :)

Hey man thanks a lot for the video I really enjoyed watching it ahah it was fun :)

Also thanks for the feedback, telling a story only with the sounds and atmosphere was our intention I'm glad you felt it :)

Stay tuned for the next update !

Thanks for the feedback! Don't worry we will work on these details now that we have more time, don't hesitate to check the game later when it'll be updated ;)

Hey! First of all thanks for playing and for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Also about the interactive part, no you are not able to move around on purpose, and we will change some of that in the future (don't hesitate to check the dev log below our page!). 

And yes ahaha we're happy you had to turn down your volume that was our intention ;)

Hi everyone make sure to check the Development log section to keep track of the project!

Thank you again :)

Loïc, one of the team members

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Hey thanks a lot for the video AND feedback ! Yes for sure we will be working on the scenario during the next weeks so stay tuned we'll do our possible to improve your experience ;)

Thank you for the video and the feedback !It means a lot :) 

Thanks a lot for the video man ! Glad u liked it, our team will work on this game and add new features as soon as we have time to work on this project :)