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This game ended up being better than I thought it would 

This game is simple yet fun 10/10

It was so Frustrating  but fun and addicting at the same time 

It took forever to find that key

I enjoyed the game so much i decided to play it again!!

The First Video

I decided to play this game again because it was so much fun!

Here is a link to the first time I played it

Finally i got around to making a video on this beautiful game

I love the art style of the game. can't wait to see more!!!

This game was pretty good i hope to see more from it!

This game is very interesting but im not sure how far i have gotten

This game is simple and very fun 11/10

Ive been waiting for a game like this to come out

This game is pretty fun and different to play 10/10

This game was different and something i enjoyed playing

it was a great game the only problem i had was not knowing what the flare button was but that just added to the challange

i'm pretty sure u use the scroll wheel to change weapons

This is probably one of the best games on itch

This game is really good and i enjoyed playing it

I can't wait for beta 6 to come out

This was great for getting rid of the stress i had before making my video.

For a job that i wouldn't want to do that was pretty fun

Also if you guys enjoy watching indie games or anything off of itch than feel free to stop by my channel

This game is better than i thought it would be. I'm glad i was able to be one of the first ones to make a video on it.

This game is a really good game for the time put into it 10/10

The game is really fun and i cant wait to play the full version!!!

thanks man cant wait to play more of it!

This game is quite fun

I also made a video on it if anyone would like to watch before they download.

I have been playing the game and its one of my favorites from this site. I haven't played one like this in a long time. Cant wait to see what else happens with this game!!!

thanks man that would be a huge help for me

This game i great!! only thing i would change is the text speed.

I love the game but i hit a bug that might hurt the game. If you drive a tank into the goal and score it removes the player. Other than that great game

Also the bug is in my video if you want u can see what im talking about there

Great Game especially for a one-man project. Keep up the good work!

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Why spend the time and money to do it in real life when you can do it virtually!!!!