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Cool mechanic but a few levels get a bit too long

Cool! This is just pure silly.... Sweet!!! It is a little bit like my game in which two players only control half of a giant each.

Nice little puzzle game  Any opinions on this?

Rated! Try mine if you have time?

Nice little zombie shooter

Rated it 2 days ago =)



Thanks for the comments. The 4500 was from a previous scoring mechanic that didn't work out. Missed that it was left in the screenshot.

Cool little game! The floatyness is interesting. More zombies that die easier would probably make it feel better. They take a few too many shoots right now for my taste. I got 12 to 50?

Nice! That visual effect is so very cool!

Nice roguelike! well done!

Hmm weird with the keyboard controls, but good that you had a controller then =)

Nice! My LMB is weird with some unity games but nice otherwise

Sweet! Only one controller but possibly two players?

I like the double avatars one controls take

Feels like a zen mix between ridiculus fishing and flappy bird?

Here you go! A game!

No worries? It was still a pretty good clicker, tempted to try it again.

Double post?


Nice! It was pretty hard. As previous commenters, it feels like flappy bird.

Nice! A one controller/keyboard co-op game?

Had plans for more enemies, levels, and such but didn't have the time to do more.

You want to pick flower, you need to use both sets of controls to move efficiently. Punching is only for clearing the way a bit.

Yeah, the level and enemy design was rushed and cut down to a bare minimum for the jam. More content would probably improve it =)

Nice little puzzle game =)


Honestly really good clicker game!


Cool idea! I like how you allow downgrades! 

sweet multiplayer! Now all we need is a 4 player mode?

Nice dodgeball esq game! super cool, it could probably see play next to games such as samurai gunn and  towerfall.

Scary...I don't usually play horror games 

I am not brave enough for this suspense...

Nice! It was harder than expected =)