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Yes but i have a lot of schoolwork to do. If you want to ask me more, add me on steam or email me on my website


It's now fixed!

Every bug that u mentioned above is now fixed!(:

Aeldero community · Posted in Bugs

Thank you for sharing i will try to fix it! There is also a bug when u build a wooden wall and walk it into a tree, the tree launches up into the air. (:

Well it has potential but you have to spend a lot of time if you decide to finnish it. The enviroment is good,i like the style. But there is no gameplay, when i pick up coins the coin counter doesn't work. When you 'Shoot' you actually get boosted up into the air, try removing the collision between the balls and the player in the Edit->Physics tab. Also the movement needs a rework, the player doesn't stop moving when i let go of the movement keys. But i think it has potential.Good Job!

Thanks a lot Storiie!