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Haha I'm kidding Oberon (゚д゚) 

Great demo, excited for the release!

Although I was really invested in the idea of Manhin yeeting Oberon into the sun in the end, it was still incredibly good. Thanks 

I love games like this! Looking forward to seeing more. Would happily pay for a game like this once finished.

Um what the hell, I was not expecting this masterpiece of a story. I loved it so much I have become a patreon, honestly so well deserved. If you have this on your list but haven't played it yet, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND DO IT NOW.  Or don't because waiting for the next season is complete torture.

Random ramblings:

I was originally romancing Chris but he really tested me emotionally in this season, I persisted and honestly he is so lovely. 

My bad boy loving heart loved Zillah so much I had to start a new character from the beginning and romance him as well.  

Jeff and Sydero are my characters bffs. 

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Pros: Such a beautiful game, I really love games with a good story, interesting characters and a well developed MC. I preferred the friendship ending as my heart shattered thinking about poor Dui and the husband in the romance one.

Cons?: I didn't really like the wording about how he couldn't give children as many people alive can't do that either, I would like to believe that I would still be worth holding on to regardless of whether I could pop out kids or not but that is very minor. 

Overall, great mini game!

Great game! The story telling is wonderful and I love a well developed MC.

There is a bug though when purchasing dresses, once you have purchased them, even when you start a new game or load an old save it won't ever let you buy them again, which has resulted in me leaving wearing the same clothes and an annoyed Lacey. 


The positives: Andromeda Six is immersive with an interesting story line that is easy to get hooked on, with beautifully detailed art and character design which shows the amount of love put into the game. What really makes this game shine though are the characters, all unique with their own personality traits and talents, making them easy to fall in love with.

The negatives: My opinions on this are personal preference and not everyone will agree on this. Traveller (MC) lacks any real substance and depth, I find her personality to be lacking and borderline  Mary Sue. I just don't find her the least bit interesting, sorry guys! However she is not dislikeable, so don't let it put you off if you don't like those kinds of characters. I think the game would be better with less choice options in terms of occasions where, as a couple of  examples; I had been exclusively flirting with Damon and when Alisa asked who I was interested in, as well as at the end of episode 5 where you choose who comes to save you and you choose who's route you would like. I feel like on those points I would have liked the game to automatically go along with the choices you have made and made it a surprise. Like you flirted too much with everyone (or not at all), it automatically goes on to the friendship routes only. My only other minor nick pick is that no reacts to your behaviour with others. I could flirt with Vexx in front of Damon and he just sat there like ┐(´-`)┌. 

At the end of the day,  this game is still of excellent quality and one of my top favourite visual novels with my love of the characters alone, and I have read a LOT of visual novels. If you can afford to do so, it is definitely worth putting money towards it to support the creators. Both DLC packs are fun and worth buying as well.