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I hadn't checked out this game before, but after playing your newest O2A2 entry I decided to give it a try, and I actually really like it? The whole concept of changing your name to change the scene accordingly is so cool, honestly! I loved that! And also the art and UI is gorgeous!

This game is so cute!! These guys are both very cute!! And the internal panic at getting a crush is so funny and, I'll say it again, cute! I really enjoyed this little game!

It took me a while to play, but finally did!

It's beautiful, nostalgic, and heartbreaking. I had to step aside at one point because it was hitting me quite hard, haha! But nevertheless, I enjoyed the game. The visuals are lovely, and the writing really gets you into the mind of Min-ji. Slowly, you begin to suspect something is off, but can't be sure what it is... until it happens. Until it starts again.

Really lovely game!

I was saddened when it ended, because I wanted to continue seeing the story unfold! I'm so excited for the drama to come.

So far, this introduction has made me very interested in the story and the characters. Comaetho feels dedicated, but like she's going through the motions of being a priestess, wanting something more. That something more may just be this kind shepherd boy... Exciting!

The art is lovely, you have been improving! I love the painterly style for the colors, it's so soft and dream-like.

All in all, can't wait for more!

Despite how short it is, it brought me some big feelings. With only a few clues, we can imagine those past days of the owner and their cat, down to their last moments together. It's beautiful, and it's sad. Having to let go is hard, and those last sentences before I finally let go... they felt heavy, but true. In the end, you have to let go.

An adorable and heartfelt story, I liked it a lot.

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It took me so long to try this game, and I know it's on hiatus, but I had to play the demo still!

The characters are really charming, and I wish to know more of them. I'm wondering what's happening with the protagonist's sister, and what will happen with all the people we've met so far. I did feel a bit bad for Harry being rejected so brutally, but I get it, ha! He is however very charming and I would love to know him more heh.

All in all, if this continues development, I will be excited to see.

This game has been on my backlog for far too long and I've finally given it a try! I really enjoyed the story, I really felt the pressure the title so indicates, and felt for our protagonist's plight. Getting the good endings was a delight, and I think Deskarte's relationships with both Yugto and Sana are as sweet as cake.

The art is beautiful, I really like the character designs, and I even find the heirs to be adorably charming!

I'm happy to finally have gotten to play, and even learn a few tagalog words along the way! Thanks for making this <3

This game is a delight from start to finish! First, the main menu is already super pretty, but honestly I'm completely charmed by the entire UI! It's gorgeous!

The character designs are beautiful and their personalities really shine through with the dialogue. I'm also really intrigued by the mystery!

Really excited to see more of this game!

The concept of the isekaid person only knowing the context through posts and memes is very amusing, and showing us said memes makes it all the funnier!

I enjoyed playing this little demo, and I'm super intrigued by these characters. Not only are their designs lovely, but they seem to have more going on than it looks at first! I also loooove the voice acting!

This is really fun and I'm excited to see more of it!

This has been in my backlog long enough! And I've finally played it!

I'm honestly super intrigued by the plot, each of the characters seem so intriguing on their own, but their relationships are also so so curious! The stakes are high for our protagonist and we don't know who to trust, it's really spicy!

My only complaint would be that it feels as if the game expects us, the player, to know things we won't necessarily know when talking with clients. For example, I didn't know what aqua tofana was, so I chose to have Catherine go check her notes, and it felt as if I were being reprimanded a bit. It may make sense in character for Aravind to find it odd, but with no choice as a player to know what I'm working with other than looking it up, it doesn't feel entirely fair.

The art is beautiful, and the writing is delightful, each character having their unique personality that really shines through in their dialogue. I really want to see more of them! The GUI is absolutely gorgeous, too, I was really charmed by it!

I'm excited to see more of this game!

I finally played this game, woo! It was very fun. The art is gorgeous, the music delightfully smooth and the dialogue intriguing and seductive. I'm left wanting to know more about Kali!

Kate as a protagonist is really endearing, I really felt their people pleasing plight. They're funny and sweet and I hope they get the excitement they deserve >:3 (and that Creampuff gets tasty meals)

Awesome game as always, Kristi and everyone! <3

(Same as my review to give you that sweet engagement)

This was a short but delightful story. I like how you can easily see some of the characters' distinct characteristics even in this brief time, from their manner of speech to jobs and likes.

Their relationship seemed so sweet to me, and I think they're absolutely adorable! Paris is an absolute king and I want the best for these two!

Being ace myself, this feels like a lovely dream, and I love that~

Hi! Thank you for your support, I am so glad you like it!

This game is meant to only have 2 parts, so next one will also mean the game is complete! Sadly it will take some time to finish it, but do look forward to it~

Thank you so much! Your comment has made me pretty happy, hehe! I'm glad you noticed that little bit of sound design, I definitely wanted the player to feel more tense even when Maite wasn't noticing.

Hi! We don't have a set date for the release at this moment, as it's hard for me to  estimate it. Feel free to follow me on my socials for future updates, though!

It really delivers on its promises

I am now traumatizeds

Posting my review in the comments because, why are there no comments??? More people should play!!

It's time for Review/OFF, the reality show were contestants RATE OR... don't, I guess. BUT I WILL.

Now, enough silliness (a lie), let's get to my review. There's a TL;DR at the end if you want to skip this.

Kiss/OFF opens with a simple premise. You're in space and must select a partner who you'll have to kiss at the end. Have a romantastic kiss by the end and you may just return home, otherwise, you'll fly right into the sun! But despite how simple it seems at first glance, there's so much hidden beyond the surface, each playthrough revealing new things that make you want to find out more!

Now before I get into the spoilers, let me talk a bit about the art: It's fantastic. I love all of the character designs, each of them being unique and recognizable. Plus the art is just gorgeous! From BGs to CGs and sprites, everything is cohesive and charming. There's so many details the more you look!

The music is super fun and fits each scene perfectly. I may have the main theme stuck in my head, but the music in a certain scene with Arturo really gave everything so much weight! I wish I had more musical training to give a better review but just know that it's -chef's kiss- And since we're on the topic of sound, don't think I forgot about SFX! They improve the scenes in such ways that if they weren't there you would definitely feel something missing.

The voice acting also was top notch, I loved their voices and the way they transmit their personalities. A very fun moment for me was in one of the games that had the voice actors play something different to what they had been doing so far, and it was incredible!

Perhaps one thing that could be improved upon is accessibility. While I had no difficulty reading the text of a certain character, the way it moves could make it difficult for other people. And another character's typeface is also very hard to read. It would definitely be good to add options for players that have difficulty reading to change the typeface of text animation. In this regard I also worry a bit about flashing lights, particularly at the end of episodes but there's many other times. Now there's a chance I missed it or forgot, but I don't remember there being a warning about this and I think it would be a good call to have that!

"Wow, Flori, this review is very long, are you done?" Unluckily for you, I'm not, because we're about to talk about the CHARACTERS! And this is when I'm going to have to stop you if you don't want spoilers because... THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

Okay, so these characters?! I love them, maybe except Risq but I love to hate her because she's a very cool mean character too. All their routes had such incredible storylines going on and the way the romance is built, even in such a short time... it gives me the FEELS!

So first, Steffi. She's so fun and awkward and I find her relatable in a lot of ways. Her silliness never fails to make me laugh and I honestly just want the best for her. She's the one who seems to have chemistry with EVERY contestant! (Well, except Kel, because she didn't really get a chance to). She may be such a normal Sulfan, but she's my favorite Sulfan! I loved learning about her species and even after her lies were revealed I couldn't stop loving her.

Next is Arturo. He surprised me SO much! I knew I'd like him a bit, but didn't expect to LOVE HIM?! He's a character with so much depth, and once he starts opening up to you and you see all his fears, why he is the way that he is, you just really want to help. The way he slowly starts letting down his walls when  you're nice to him, even to the point of breaking his Vow and being okay with that because it's /you/ who touched his hands... I think Arturo may just be my favorite romance because of just how much you see that trust build and develop, even in just three days. I also love all the lore you can uncover through him. The concept of cycles is so interesting and it applies really well to this kind of visual novel. Every time I got a difference in the conversation about cycles it made me so happy. The little details sprinkled through this game as so so cool and make playthroughs feel so much more meaningful!

Now comes Risq, who I also left for last when it comes to routes because I knew I would want to punch her many times. Sadly, she's very much not my type, but that didn't mean I wouldn't give her a fair chance! I would CONQUER THE MEAN GIRL! And wowie, her route was also super interesting- really the toughest of the three in my opinion! She can manipulate her emotions to a degree, so there was a time she liked me then pushed it down! I was worried I wouldn't be able to get MAX TRP! And the opposite is also true, she's really fascinating from a gameplay perspective. But character-wise I also really enjoyed seeing how she reacted to different things, and how when you actually managed to get her to fall in love with you, she couldn't push it back! Oh, I'm telling you that was so satisfying. The checkers scene was so tense and it took me a bit to figure out the right way to go about it, but her having to be honest about her feelings to save someone else, YOU... that was beautiful! She grew so much! For those who love routes about defrosting and ice queen... this one is definitely DELICIOUS!

With those three main contestants out of the way, we continue with Tori! I kind of loved the whole thing about her and Victor being the same person but from different universes with small variations! It was such a fun concept (plus they're both very pretty). The only thign I found a bit sad is that she was out for most of the game. I get why, conveniently getting rid of her every episode after the second would probably have been difficult, and with Kel always dying there was a need to even out the numbers. Plus I figure they had to balance the genders of the contestants so swapping Vic and Tori could have been odd? What I mean to say is, I get it, even if I did miss her through a lot of the game and would have liked to see her build more of a bond with the other characters like Vic did before the True Love finale. That being said, I did have fun playing as her during that ending, then both Vic and her fusing to become VICTORI, the hottest character?! That was pretty epic!

And last but certainly not least, Kel! The moment I met him I was in a bit of a crisis. I was planning to romance Steffi first but he was just so goofy, nice and pretty that I really wanted to romance him too! Good thing the choice was out of my hands because he was killed. In my opinion he had some of the best chemistry with Vic, even if the moments they were able to share weren't that long, and I loved seeing how that evolved episode after episode even if Vic didn't remember anything. God I wanted to romance him SO BAD! So when I FINALLY got the chance to kiss him... I HAD A LOT OF FEELINGS! It made me so SAD but so HAPPY. In slightly more proper words, the build up to this was beautiful and I enjoyed it greatly even if I had to see him die at least 9 times. It's a shame they couldn't be together but... It still felt so right.

And well, I know I said last, but let's give a nice mention to our main antagonist: Xargazorg! The alien host with the alien most. He's hilarious, I swear to you that I have laughed many times thanks to him (I have also wanted to punch him several times, a good trait for an antagonist to have). He also gets the prize for my favorite voiced line, congrats!

"But Flori, what about BOT, Z and XZ?" Have you seen the length of this review?! I need to wrap it up for everyone's sanity! Actually, is anyone still reading?

TL;DR: I enjoyed this game a lot, the twists and turns it takes made me gasp, cry and laugh, and I just couldn't put it down until I was done. I felt a lot for all these characters and I love their different stories and backgrounds. I really recommend this game for people who like comedy with a lot of feeling. You won't be disappointed!

I would say it's more so +16. It deals with some dark topics, but it's not explicit now is there a lot of visuals of those (the most so far would be a (SPOILER) syringe, and there may be some blood in the future)

Putting my review in here to please the ever hungry algorhythm! (Is it cheating if I'm part of the team? No, shh!!!)

A sad story that rings true to many, but with a very hopeful outlook in one of the endings that I can only hope becomes true-and even better- in real life! The game industry is such a tough place for creatives, which tends to happen when anything artistic becomes "an industry". I wish for things to improve and for us to be able to be tell many more stories such as this one!

Thank you so much, Seven! It makes me very happy you enjoyed it >v<

Late reply, but he would never!

At last I got to play this game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it thus far! I've only played Briar's route at the time of writing this, but I shall be playing the rest soon!

The first thing that captivated me upon opening the game was the gorgeous GUI (actually, it may have been the rating splash screen because it was pretty funny, but besides that!) The color palette is pleasing and I love how cozy and cute it looks- cafe aesthetics are some of my favorites, you see! And the changing background on the main menu was gorgeous, I loved that!

Then, of course, I have to mention the delicious looking food through the game! Good job on that! And the café is so lovely, I'd love to go there myself.

The characters are all beautifully drawn and their personalities are really compelling. Of course, I went for Dr. Ash first, as I loved his design the most, and gosh is his personality charming! He's such an eloquent goofball, and absolutely precious! Those little moments where he got a bit bolder with his flirtations were quite fun too.

I look forward to playing the other routes soon!

¡Muchas gracias por jugarlo! Recién vi el video y me alegra ver que te haya gustado y a los comentadores también >v<

A sweet short game, a lovely moment between two members of an adventure team who've fallen in love with each other. It was really nice to play, and Karrus is such a cool character! I'd love to learn more about him.

As many have mentioned, I love the inclusion of the option to cuddle. As someone who most of the time is sex-repulsed, I really appreciate it (have had enough times where I simply /had/ to go through scenes I didn't feel comfortable with in romances).

It may be odd, but I also really like that the cuddling option has its own CG, because I feel sometimes if there's an option, only the spicy scene gets a CG and the others miss out on something like that entirely- this is also why I appreciate being able to unlock the other CG without needing to play that path!

In any case, lovely game!!

Thank you so much for playing and recording it! We always love watching people play and your video was really fun >v<

Having players notice the German Expressionism inspirations always brings a smile to my face! Thank you so much for your comment, we're all very happy our work resonates in such a way >v<

It took me so long to properly reply to your comment, but just know it's because it made me so happy to see it, I didn't even know what to say!

I'm very happy you enjoyed it, and honestly the rest of the team appreciates your praise as well! I must agree, the music and sounds are great, and our programmer did a wonderful job with the camerawork! I'm really looking forward to learn and try to do more with it >v<

You have no idea how giddy I got seeing a comment mentioning that you also adore the film genre! German Expressionism just has a lovely little place in my heart and I'm delighted to see it get acknowledged! Thank you so much for your comment, it has made us in the team quite happy!

Thank you so much for giving it a try! And I hope you're alright now despite the heavy feelings it may have caused <3

I'm beyond happy seeing you enjoy the game, so, once again, thanks!

Thank you so much for playing! As for happy endings... guess you'll have to see ;)

Thank you so much for playing!

As for the nursery, oh boy! Hope that baby is okay and has no encounters with a certain main (to be fair, painting walls like nature is like a super cute idea I think!)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you mean Nosferatu, you're right on the money, as it's one of the movies that inspired this in some regards! I have never seen Les Diaboliques, but after looking it up I'm intrigued, perhaps I should take a look!

Thank you so much for playing! <3

So far we only got one ending, but this has been an awesome and spooky experience! The art is really cool and stylistic, and the story really pulls you in! Excited to play more.

Thank you so much! It's an honour for it to be deemed one of your faves!! <3

Thank you for your lovely comment! I have to admit the horn-shaped hair is one of my proudest ideas haha!

I'm really happy to read your thoughts about the story, I really hope it positively resonates with those who read it! Catharsis was definitely something I had in mind for one of the endings!

One more time, thank you for taking your time to comment <3

This game has been a beautiful experience from start to finish. I played alongside two members of my own team, with one of them reading along, and we were amazed at how gorgeous the GUI was!

Then, as we went through the story, I became more and more immersed, theorizing what could be happening and reasoning. It was absolutely captivating! I was devastated upon getting the traitor ending first, but gosh those cinematics are soooo cool! We went ahead to get all the endings and by the last one, Legacy, I cried, you made me cry! I loved it, it broke my heart in a beautiful way.

The moral of this story for me is: Read the instructions and side effects properly before performing a spell with your squad.

Very cute game! The art is absolutely lovely and I adore the character designs (Ceros my beloved)

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really happy you liked our way of telling the story >v<

I'm quite sure Tim Burton has gotten influenced by German Expressionism, the film movement that inspired this game! So I can absolutely see the comparison!

I'm also super happy to hear you liked the name aspect of the characters, I thought it'd be a neat touch! (And then even give an extra push to one of the endings!)

Chim! Your comment was honestly a delight to read, you have no idea how happy it makes me! Everyone did such a lovely work for this game and I dare say that it's even better than what I had first envisioned.

I'm also very glad you liked our protagonist! We tried our best to make her a compelling character that at the same time felt real, and like any of the endings could still make sense for her depending on how the player goes about it (and I have to admit, the endings are some of the most fun parts to me hehe). I really like your take that the second ending feels the most grounded, and I'm inclined to agree!

Thank you so, so much for playing our game and taking the time to comment <3

That makes me really happy to hear! I hope you do enjoy it when you play. German Expressionism film-making has been sort of a semi-obsession for me for a while, and this game allowed me to put all that love to use, so I'm super happy it shows!