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I did not have trouble with this room, I ended up running to the exact spot right away. I think I learned by this point in the demo how to find the breakable walls.

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Great, thanks for the new demo!

Spoilers / feedback:

I died several times trying to get through without oxygen before I realized that you can pick up the helmet. Also I noticed that the UI keeps explaining controls like "A or cross" but the button was actually square, and "X or square" but the button was circle. I'm using predefined control scheme 1. I finished the demo well after the "end of demo" text appeared after the first boss. I defeated two bosses, 27% map completion, and 9% item collection rate in 50 minutes. I explored 8 discrete regions in total. If I had to guess, I probably missed some items in the first area prior to the escape sequence. I also admittedly did not explore with the charge beam after collecting it, but I'm not aware of any doors that it could have opened. There were at least two items in tiny spaces which I could not reach. I badly wanted a way to jump higher so I could reach a few new areas and also return to the first area.

I had no major issues with controls, performance, or bugs. I did find myself wishing that the minimap would scroll to the new room as soon as I entered the door, instead of after the new room loaded and appeared on screen. Also, when you let off a charge shot and begin charging another shot, an extra normal shot is fired in between. That extra shot does not feel good. Also, when you land on the ground and jump immediately, the "landing" and "leaping" animations play in midair which does not look great.

Thanks again for the cool new demo. As usual, the graphical style is gorgeous. I love all the vibrant colors. I look forward to the game's release! I might have to run through the demo again to make sure I didn't miss anything!

It's always best to work at your own pace, that's the only way to do the best you can!

I'm happy to see such frequent updates. I look forward to playing through the new demo!

Played the demo, and it was incredible. I already feel absorbed into this world! The powerful color effects really stand out and the environment feels "real" in a way that makes me want to explore every tiny nook and cranny. The user interface is gorgeous and feels really solid, and it contributes to the feeling that this game is a retro-futuristic cross between Metroid and Alien.

I appreciate that my non-Xbox controller is not treated as second-class, although it would be better if I could simply tell the game which style of buttons I have (cross, square, etc.)

Fantastic work, I am looking forward to the game's release.

Really cute game!! Love the design of the cat :)

Fantastic submission :) I really appreciate the large variety of available palettes, and the combat was really tough!

When my wizard died, and he came back in the next round, the order in which I could target my allies had changed; wizard became third instead of second.

Very funny and cute characters! Enjoyable little story.

I really enjoyed the presentation here, this is one of the top rating 'Gameboy feel' submissions for sure!

Well done, this was frustratingly addictive! The little jeep is very fun to drive!

Very cool concept, I would love to see this explored further!

I played the Windows version and I was unable to find any way to scale the window! I had to play on a very tiny screen :(

A literal Game Boy game, played in an emulator. Great work!!

Also, you should totally put the cute blob monster on the title screen instead of the diamond!!

I thought the last level was really clever. :) Cute game!!

Unfortunately, the flipping camera made me sick and I couldn't finish the game, but it is a very cute game and I LOVED the ridiculous walk cycle!!!!

They are all words.