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Ok i have the new version of the game

This was picture was tooken on my brother's PC.

Tetris on the gameboy

Reupload of the OOF Sound

Roblox oof sound original reupload by RedAmongUs501 (


is this supposed to be memz?

2009 minecraft

idk of this real or not

oh i saw this on phoenix sc videos

I'mma put Mechvibe in

Oh okay.

Add Arrows Tap On Screen Or Click Screen To Test Them!

[Not for android]


oh so edge and chrome doesn't work?

Have you tried fixing it?

Yes. i tryed that and it worked

So.. What did yall think?

(1) - Meh.

(2) - Good.

(3) - Best

(4) Cool

(5) Even Cooler!

i made Google Chrome Its here.

Google chrome but without the text google by RedAmongUs501 (

theres the link to it

a chrome ripoff but looks like original after being opened

a template? this isn't even a real game.

thats because you have to replace the original friday night funkin assets with it!

sorry i forget i changed the year that why that wasn't working

I made pacman walk into walls the background was a jpeg of a pacman maze

and thats why there is no ghosts

it's because it's made on scratch GreenCreeps, Thats Why You Can't Join A Room!

what about a .cur version?

Remove Goose = Hold ESC (Any Goose)

i made one

(1 edit)

it's easy just hold esc (only for any goose)

(2 edits)

how to get rid of goose?

just hold esc

(only works for any goose)

you can like go to walls for no reason at all.

Visit itsNemo's Profile

itsNemo -

A New Fake Virus!

I made my own fake virus

Heres The Link

Fake Computer Virus

I Inserted the ugh WhatsApp files into Ugh mod,

Why not put it on android?

ok nvm they wont let me add stuff into my game called whatsapp ugh