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oh it looks really good!  

I'm sure it can be used for something eventually :3

Glad you like it :3

Unfortunately, it is very buggy too :'3

No problem! Of course, this oversight should be fixed later anyway :O

There are also many other bugs in the game. But they are getting harder to identify now 🐱

Fairly strange. "Line -1" sounds rather nonsensical. It might be that I have made a mistake with some compilation setting, though it works fine for me with a Windows 10 virtual machine.  I believe the string to floating point conversion error arises because game maker will sometimes treat an empty string as equivalent to the value 0, but this may actually be different in debug and release mode, or between different operating systems, and in laziness I have just assumed they are all the same 😳

If the seed value you entered for your solar system generation is an empty string, maybe try to change it to something else, like some numbers or letters, that could potentially make the difference :3

I'm sorry for the inconvenience ^^;

Sounds unusual,  I don't have native windows so it might very well be true :O
I had testers who did not have any problems with the windows version though. 

Hard to say what it could be without any sort of error message or anything provided though, I am afraid, of course running it from inside the zip file is not likely to work no matter what, but I do not suppose that is what you did :3

I think I made it to 20 !

How nice to have some sweet and innocent fun with a cute bunny amidst all these games about war and killing (and other dramatic content) 💜

The game works very well too! But starting over from the very beginning when there is so many levels is tough!

art is hard :'3

Thank you <3

I'm not so experienced with how to make anything that is too polished, but maybe this game would be a good opportunity to learn it :3

not really uwu

Thank you, and you too :3

And I certainly plan so :3

Thank you uwu!

(1 edit)

Well thank you very much :3c

The battle mechanics are pretty much made up from scratch by me and not based on anything particular, but it is probably very likely that some other game out there has similar mechanics :3

I like having the player figure out everything for themselves even if it is a bit counterproductive to these jam games a lot of the time. But I often talk about games that just drop you in a world and expect you to figure out everything by yourself and I love those sorts of games, the original Legend of Zelda is probably the most archetypical example of this sort of game I can think of :3
Even if it will frustrate some newbies, mostly the more impatient ones, it will also empower some players who manage to figure out their own strategies and techniques. That being said, there is nothing wrong with explaining the story in a little opening cutscene :3 I would need to condense it a bit though, to not waste too much of the player's time :3 Some of my older games were extremely text-heavy, especially the now removed Kymiball and the unreleased Cugzilia II, so I was a bit wary of not having too much of that in this game :3

You know, I will probably make an update for this game. I've gotten a lot of great suggestions about how to improve it, including yours, and some of them I do really want to see in the game, of course, many bugfixes are needed too. But the update will certainly not come out at the same pace as this original version. I'm also thinking about making it a paid expansion pack, or making said expansion as a supplement to a free update, but I'm not sure about any of that yet :3

Thank you and congratulations for beating it! Some creatures are quite rare indeed, so I didn't think the player should go through the hassle of finding every single one to beat the game. 

All my games should have linux versions from now on, is my plan as well! :3

Awww, so that bug is still in there, I thought it was eliminated! I'm sorry you had to encounter that, it happens pretty uncommonly except when you constantly keep switching :O 

Too bad there is no more time to fix it :O

that's good uwu!

I suspect that easypeazygames's issue is due to mapping multiple functions to the same key then, making some of them override others :3

Glad you like it, let's see if you can't beat it then :3c

One person said, as you can see in a comment below, that attacks did not work in battles, do they for you?

That sounds pretty unusual, there should be attacks available during battles, I am very surprised that they did not work for you! Could you have mapped a key wrong? Default key for attacks should be F; you can also press D during battles to change your direction and S to stand still for a moment, but this is just with the default controls :3

Controls should be explained on the game's page, but there was so much text there, it probably doesn't stand out enough; next time I need to display the controls much more prominently, and not waste all this space with the lore! :O

Possibly, if you map the controls in such a way that attacking and switching between characters in battle use the same key, attacks will be disabled. I never even thought of that before now!

There were many bugs that did not get fixed in time, unfortunately. But at least I'm happy that you still found some enjoyment in it :3

(1 edit)

Barely really works for me, I also neither hear any sound :O
Turns out the above was a problem with running it from wine, it actually works quite well in a windows virtual machine!

Definitely sounds like you have a clear vision for this game, which is commendable as well, even if not so traditional. Sometimes an innovative approach can do as much as innovative mechanics.

but of course! :3

There are a lot of good things to say about this game in that it is very well made and polished, its also a great simulation of knitting like withthelove says, but it just can neither be escaped that the gameplay is pretty shallow.

You can certainly make the game quite fun for yourself by adding your own additional rules to enter the keystrokes in unusual, rhythmic, or theatrical ways, though :3c

I like it, the sound effects are pretty amusing as well :3 I managed to defeat the heroes in the end, but I have yet to figure out some good defensive strategy; defence, seems a bit trickier than offense. The AI does like its short passes a lot though, I rarely see them use long passes, even though that seems like the best move in the game to me. 

six more days, or until the 21st of december (end of fall) :3

Good amount of submissions indeed, but most of them don't seem too remarkable . . .

But that OGA is a valuable asset is certainly true.

I don't get it uwu

How are you supposed to pay attention to stats that are hidden :O

Seems pretty hard already at the second round of enemies, and also seems very dependent on chance, which is of course not unusual for a card game, but since a draw always results in you losing, it feels like the odds are always against you and a little unfair. While the tutorial explains the mechanics, it doesn't say much about the strategy, so I presume it is a game of chance, which would be good, except as said, draws result in you losing by default.

Highly amusing :3

Well that just sounds like you are very efficient :3

I'm doing alright uwu

If you don't get the big idea done, the small idea is probably still good enough! Most games aren't finished here.

Oh, don't worry, I'll figure it out myself :3

I'll just recolor it to my own palette :3c

Good luck to you too and have fun :3

Nice music and art style, the latter of which reminds me of Atari 2600 in a really good way. Sometimes there are blind jumps and screens which appears to be copied from earlier screens, which is not nice. But for a first game its still very good!

Thank you!! 

Unfortunately, with these jam games, they have a very short longevity and no one plays them anymore after the end of the jam, therefore updating is not very high priority ;w;

Glad you like it!

I actually liked the unofficial banner more than the official one, so I felt like I had to use it!

I think I will follow chasersgaming's advice when eventually updating this game, and make the hold button stop you instantly, instead of a short slowdown first like now, which should at least improve the controls a bit, and that could make things at least a little easier. I'm not sure I like the idea of removing the falling ceiling, because I think its a part of the gameplay. Could and should be a feature for an easy mode though like you say, but not the default.

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed this game :3 The music means a lot to me so its always nice when someone notices it :3

Thank you!

I'm happy you like the music, because its something I put a lot of effort into, but not a lot of people notice :3

I thought I had fixed the dying when positioned near break blocks bug, but maybe not well enough ^^; and the holding can easily be made more abrupt in the future, though I'm not sure if I will update this right now, it probably needs it, but the audience for these jam games is very short-lived so in that sense it might not matter and the product just has to be what is there :3