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Just wanted to say that despite my lack of enthusiasm for this jam I actually find this game really good.

It deserved to be in a more high-profile competition than this :O

Thank you!! Sorry about the late reply!

I'm glad to hear you find the game decent, it was a nightmare to develop (since I only had the last half of the month to do it and I had to put in so many hours every day) and it will probably be my final game for a long time :'( 

but then it at least ends on a high note I guess ^^

A very cute little game!! But it is very short - unless there's some sort of bigger secret to it :3

I do like the team names a lot :D

interesting, I think I've heard examples of the nokia 3310 playing back samples but that might just be me again? But I guess that puts the sound hardware you're working with here on an atari 2600 level :O 

And I wasn't exactly trying to doubt your skills even though I see it could've been interpreted like that easily, I was just surprised by the music sounding the way it does.

you're welcome! It could be a cool idea to display the names of the enemies on screen too maybe?

So I had a tiny go at it again and fought a couple of enemies. I have to say I really like the animation and the enemy design! It looks great actually!

It's a pretty easy enemy, you can just spam the attack button and win it seems.  But it's a good start ^^

(1 edit)

the music is pretty wierd I noticed, is it supposed to be like the nokia 3310 sound chip, whatever that is? Or maybe it's just me ;;

animation always takes time ;;

I will try out the game again real quick ^^ then I can tell you what I think

I mean it's pretty well done considering the time limit as well! How will the combat work?

Also, underwater dungeon crawl, there's your next game idea c;

I thought we were going diving, but this dungeon is not even underwater c;

Anyways, nice smooth 3d effect! and screen transition as well ^_^

other than that the there seems to be little going on, but it at least seems like a solid foundation for something bigger

Gotta have another play!

also, was the lava collision considered frustrating, I never found that

should play again! Maybe I can reach the end this time!

I featured this game in a stream! 

Jump to 35:27 ^^ unfortunately there was a recording issue with the game, so I did a capture of my entire monitor ;;

Actually, I think it might be cool with some sort of ending? where your boat sails off the italian coast and everyone you rescued is counted up, you could even give every rescueable person in the game a name and show whether they lived or died.

featured the game in this stream of mine:

jump to 33:23 ^^

I suspect the game is endless, as the levels start repeating at some point?

maybe ^^

to be honest, not really.... I can't recall any of this happening in my tests, and it doesn't seem to have for any other players either.

What sort of errors?

That people don't understand what you're supposed to do in this seems to be a recurring theme, heh~

Such a nice moody feel. Perfect.

No problem, i hope you don't feel i was too hard on you, you did ask me to look for bugs after all ^^

well when you press the run button, it seems like you automatically start running downwards, is that supposed to be happening? ^^

well there is a bug when you pause and unpause the game standing in front of a chest, then you will get stuck within it :)

it also seems like the controls don't work as intended, but that might have something to do with NumLock...

The music and graphics are very solid in this, but I have to say, bugs are pretty prevalent ^^

thanks for your nice feedback! the syrup is not too hard to get, but I really feel like I shouldn't spoil it :D

that's nice to know, at least! How far did you get?

you can change the font size tho?

Default controls in Haydenwoffle:

Movement - Arrow keys
Talk - Up arrow
Confirm/Jump - F
Back/Throw - D
Menu/Inventory - I
Menu/Reorganize waffles - S
Exit game - Escape (quits immediately without saving)

ah, nevermind about the few players thing, it seems to be the same, it just wasn't like that yesterday ^^

That might be a good thing to take into account! Maybe that's why it seems like few have played this, they can't even start it XD

But if you have played any of my games, they all use the F key ^^

I guess so, I might've added more animations if I knew anyone would've been using him, but it's a bit too late now...

Brute force prevails XD

I'll have to try looking for the weapons, thanks for the tip!

aww yeah, having something like that would fit perfectly with this game's humor :D

It shouldn't be a problem in Haydenwoffle, all the keys used in gameplay are remapable ^^

it does! I'm not sure how to master combat in this game tho :O are you supposed to be doing something else than just spamming clicks?

I didn't find the game too difficult, but I didn't beat it either ^^

about the music, it's not a big issue for the game itself ^^

I also wish it was a little bit longer, even

the only thing I could wish for is a pause button...

now THIS GAME is exactly the kind of silly fun which I just love to bits!!!

It also put a huge smile on my face to see all these great OGA assets used in so creative ways, including my own songs!

Best game in the jam for me! 5/5!

aww, I think those max hp powerups would have helped a lot!

Still, a fun game!