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The bug should be fixed :3

feel free to :3

ah, I see, I should look into that, sorry about the inconvenience!

glad you like it :3 it's just whatever tbh :3

thanks :3

Thanks, I'm happy you like it so much :3 love your cards as always!

awww, glad you like it!

glad you like it! :3

This game is very enjoyable! Upgrading just the torpedo seemed like an easy strategy to win :3

If I have to say anything about it, I think the final boss music is too bass boosted. But it's no big deal.

it was a funny parody of the streets of rage intro :3

Any game about the virus is terrible in my opinion, but I was delighted by how silly it was so it wasn't bad like I thought :3

I love the idea behind this game, it's so atmospheric

awww, too bad you didn't get more time ...

you can delete a file called CURRENTGAME.CUG in a folder appData/Local/Cugzilia :3

Great music and graphics! The bumblebees are really adorable! The game is very easy though, I beat it on my first try without dying :3

I do love those card sprites, they are cute and stylish :3

but there are no buttons at the bottom of the screen? at least when I run it

Lovely music!

But eh, what are the controls even?

Your post is perhaps a bit strange but acceptable.

Thank you!!!! It was fun to participate this time!

Lovely card with all those golden stars :3

Thanks ;w;

Aww thanks!

you think so? o.o

Yeah that's the easiest to guess :D I have no ideas for any of the other kids!

congrats!! That's all the game! :D

Thanks! ^^

I think you can select what quest to start on the main menu (picking start instead of continue) ^^

oh yeah, but there actually 4 bosses, nevermind though ^^ it's not so important ^^;

to be honest, I cannot tell at all which characters the wonder kids are supposed to be based on! The only obvious one is chef murreo xD

congrats on that! Did you beat Bronze too?

Awww, and I thought there was this big hidden world! Maybe you will add that sometime :D

Alyce for the win!

It's not until now that I notice that there are actually 2 slightly different sprites for the kids, not just color variations.

Well glad you like it! The testing you did was important for the game to reach its current shape :D

Thanks for playing! The issue you have with the barrels can easily be fixed, they only appear in the second quest which is unfinished anyway. Glad you like the music though, I worked on it a lot but is actually not that satisfied with it, but maybe I just listened to it too much and got tired of it ^^

Oh ok! Seems like you have big plans!

Nice graphics!

I might be missing something, but it seems like this game is unbeatable. Is that intentional? or unfinished?

Thank you! There are probably a few bugs related to getting stuck in walls if that's what you are referring to xP 

Did you beat the 2nd quest too? It's unfinished, but the first few levels of it can actually be played.

Cute, fun, and good! I'm pretty impressed by how good it looks. I do find WASD +space to be an awkward control scheme however, I wish you had made the jump button remapable. 

Also, fun how there are not just 2 math games (not including this of course), but also 4 games about food, and 2 games where birds are the villains! Coincidences... cx

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Alright, I finally figured out what you are supposed to do!

But now I'm stuck again....

What are you supposed to do when you've filled up that gray tank with a hole in it and it starts spitting out white cubes?

Aww yes!! I beat it! 

It feels good to beat a hard game like this. I was hoping the pig and dog would have different levels, but I guess not. A shame, but still very good!