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Personally I -loved- Papers Please, though the story could be a little bit bleak. Similar game mechanics in a lighter setting is fantastic :D <3

FWIW, I enjoy both the dudes and the ladies, but the option to skip the dude pics if you don't want them is a really thoughtful feature, so thanks for adding it! <3

This game is amazing, I love it! Like another commenter has said, it reminds me of 'Papers Please' with a more light-hearted story. Am heading over to Patreon now to give my support <3 

I don't think I've exhausted all of the story options yet, but I played Sigurd's story and it's pretty awesome :D 

I am very curious to know how Zora's story will turn out once it is fully developed. She's the character that I disliked the most as she just comes off as really mean and unkind, haha.

Just finished playing the demo! I really liked all the different choices the player is given to make the character their own, especially the throne speech. I'll be honest, I only want to romance the villain XD