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this gave me anxiety

i love it


This is a really interesting game, the atmosphere and writing are both comedic and disturbing.

I've run in to some issues that are pretty gamebreaking though.

1. I noticed another user had an issue where the clown key did not work on the door as it should. For reference, I had the party canon equipped. I clicked on the door with the party canon, it didn't work, I selected the clown key from the inventory, it played the 'success' sound, but didn't open. The door showed an icon noting that it could be interacted with, but nothing happened. This leads me into issue #2-

2. No saving and loading is very detrimental to this game. I think my playtime totaled 30-50 minutes, the walk speed isn't fantastic and I like to explore every room, this usually wouldn't be an issue if I were able to put the game down to pick it up later- this was especially frustrating paired with the clown key issue.

I have no clue if you're even planning to update the game at all but it'd be really cool if you looked into this.

dared my friend to keep it open and alive for 30 minutes.

10/10 would recommend.

Hey I'm back just to let you know that I attempted to record gameplay footage of this but I forgot to stop after I finished and I now have a 22 hour long file on my computer of this fucking game and this is not a joke.

Right what it says on the tin, huh, don't really know what i was expecting?

I was mainly thinking a review for future projects, so you know kinda what aspects of your style really work with the horror format so you can focus on those more :o This is definitely one of the better 'quiz' style games I've played and I'm very eager to play it!

VERY excited to see the finished product :o

If you like, I'll also make a point to create a full review for it after I play :)

No problem at all! I just wanted to let you know because it was pretty jarring. The game itself was extremely charming and well made, can't wait to see what else you guys put out!

Hey devs, if you read this, would you mind taking the bright flashing image off of the game page? I know people who have issues with seizures, and there's no warning anywhere. Thanks!

I love you.

I don't write comments like this lightly but this was offensive to all 6 of my senses on literally every level imaginable

The sensitivity made me cry. The graphics made me nauseous. The constant high pitched ass fucking of my ears caused me to lose 6 years of my life.

The premise was interesting but the execution was not only disappointing but it hurted.

Don't listen to this clown, they have no clue what they're talking about. This game is wonderful and definitely has potential :)

Very nice! I don't blame you for taking a bit of time, you're an indie developer and with all this bullshit going on I can't imagine it's easy to sit down and program all this.

Genuinely can't wait for more updates :)

To be fair, it's very hard trying to get a start as a youtuber. It's really annoying to see people grasping for attention but if you were trying to get followers you'd probably consider doing it too, I know I have, lmao.


This game gave me a fear of stock photos and retail workers. Thanks.

I made the robot man sad and now i feel bad :(

Hi! I absolutely loved the first game, and come back to the page to not only see the dev is still active, but they're making a SEQUEL? I sincerely can't wait until that's finished, you're super talented and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am.