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congratulations! sadly my chinese is very slow, haha. i can't wait for the english version! :D 加油!

it was lovely! short but tender sweet. the art was pretty, and the size was a surprise! i do hope Eliza's sprite will have more expressions in the full version :3

i loved it! it was so cute. the animation was adorabs too! :D

*found a typo! unless it was intentional? "these are all to warn out to read tho" / "too worn out"+"though"

your art has gotten way better :D super hyped for this!

here's all that i found! i posted them here! :D

the demo was bone-chilling.

it was simplistic, but the music fit so well into creating an intense atmosphere, and i loved how realistic the sound of blood splatters was - i cringed every time i heard it. i especially loved the writing! yuki has the mind of a psychopath, cold and nonchalant, and it was scary how much her words rang true, and how much i even wanted to relate to it.

the script could've been edited better (i found several mistakes; if you want, i could send them to you?) but it didn't damage the overall, creepy experience. i can't wait for the full game now!

eeeek that's exciting! :D

is this a commercial game? o-o the art totally looks like it!

looks pretty(*´▽`*)


so excited been stalking this game on lemmasoft for a while now

the characters are so realistic you could practically cut the awkwardness in the air like a piece of cake (and you actually want to bc they're so adorable). and her smile, god, her smile (*´▽`*)