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i've been eyeing this for quite some time now, and it was better than i expected! you guys have done such an amazing job, and thank you so much for bringing this over to the English audience c:

the art and animations were downright beautiful (need i say more) and the world built around the characters was so fascinating that it's easy to get hooked! things like the magic system, the creatures (i mean... vampires), the occupations, the baths-- the writing and character reactions make everything seem so natural and seamless that you feel like you fit right in after starting the game. it's not overwhelming and even becomes more intriguing as the game goes on. the journal was also super useful for this! (oh, and the first class assholes bit? that was hysterical) and speaking of characters... Renan and Ilyes, i love you everyone is so charming and their interactions with each other are super fun. the test/assessment scene and the one where Rave goes with "call him the runt" are my absolute favorites, i love these boys. Rave is the epitome of do no harm but take no shit and i really like the unique moments he has with everyone else (like being soft to Hyde aaahh).

keeping in mind that this is just a demo, i'll just quickly breeze over the few technical stuff i noticed (the points about the English translation has already been stated, so i won't touch on that): the menu/UI has a good aesthetic but the UI with narration (and scrolling background) has a different font and font size compared to the rest so it feels a bit out of place and inconsistent. there's also a small thing where even if Renan is your roommate, Rave (when talking about choosing a study... friend) still asks about "study[ing] with my roommate" so maybe a check at that part can be done? the music was good at being atmospheric; i'm guessing the times when it goes completely silent are placeholders for future pieces? it's good for scenes to have music that matches the mood so i'll be waiting for that! 

i don't have a lot of predictions about where the story might go, but i'm really curious about the roommate vs study assistant/partner choices; it suggests that we can have two different people if we wanted, which means a lot of possible branches (boyA as a route and boyB as the disapproving/supportive roommate? cough cough) and i wonder if it'll have any influence on future choices or endings. hmm. anyway! i can't wait to know more about this world and these characters, and you can bet i'll give my support to the kickstarter! <3

getting closer~ i hope the Bermuda boys had a good valentine's day too! ...somewhere, hopefully :3

can't wait to get me this fluffy juicy villain 👀

ooof yes, fireworks and neighbors with loud horns ^^;

advanced happy new year~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


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aaaa i hope you get better soon! & i'm awed every time you write 2k+ words for each update :o how do you write so fast? hahaha it's really admirable uwu 

(oh! i'll be playing next week when school's out! super excited~ sorry it might be a bit late c:)

aaaa it's here~! congrats on being on steam :D
i can't wait to play it after exams uwu

aaaa that chibi ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

oh, is it only for backers/patrons? i'm neither, so i don't want to impose XD
to be honest, i still haven't pledged for bermunda triangle since i keep forgetting OTL soon, i promise!

aaaa i can't wait to replay nusantara again! (been wanting to for a while, but i decided to wait for the steam release~) as for the steam key, does it have to be the same email used by my steam account? can i kindly request for one? uwu

/kicks down door/ did someone say angst?

Winged Ones on steam? what a great excuse to replay the game for the nth time again- okay no but really, awesome job at your progress for Bermuda so far! (i feel like every time i don't notice, the week's already passed and you've done quite a lot, haha) i hope you enjoy your break! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

antagonist route- *melts*

aaaa you're working so fast, great job! uwu

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aaaa the dragons *-* great job on all the progress so far!

aw, no problem ^^ <3 i could like comments, i would-
good luck~!

hiyo! dropping in from the shadows to say that you've gone a long way~ (been watching since legend of the winged ones 👀 and honestly can't wait for this one!) (quick question, is early birds still available in your shop? i saw it on the list but i wanted to be sure ^^') i'm also here to say: that's up to you! if you think that you need another proofer, then go for it- who knows, maybe they can also find old mistakes that were missed? :p speaking as a proofer myself, coming in late into a project is not necessarily a bad thing - it depends on whoever you recruit (their reading speed, availability, etc) so there should be some discussion there c:

/sinks back into the shadows

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no worries! the katana is safe in my hands what do you mean, i love historuki 

aaaa i loved this so much! old time periods are my secret weakness; toss in a couple of cute men and one has a katana? yes pls

what bugged me most was that the whole encounter with the emperor felt rushed (or at least, too easy) for me? plus, the demo was super short ;; it ended right when things were getting good- the music was beautiful (especially the samples on the ks 👀) and the art (both sprites and backgrounds) was downright gorgeous. gui could use a bit of work, plus some other technical issues that i've already sent in :p

i love that the mc was relatable and had a lot of personality! particularly that bit at the start where she daydreamed about a monster; it made me question if i was in the right vn, lol. (and since she drinks, i have this crack thought of her drinking sake with her chosen bachelor, like who would win and what kind of hilarity would spawn-) i'm really hoping to see her personal motivations grow~ the demo barely scratched the surface for the routes and i'm really interested in all of them! amane was your local neighborhood mystery cryptid (aka his mystery is his allure), mitsuki and yatsuhashi were the cutest things ever, and i've fallen irrevocably for iori and yatsuya ><

also, historuki. 'nuff said.

this looks gorgeous! and spicy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

aaaa super late but congrats on the release of the full version! can't wait to play it soon :D i'd throw my money at you guys if i could

aaaah looks pretty good! c:

congratulations! sadly my chinese is very slow, haha. i can't wait for the english version! :D 加油!

it was lovely! short but tender sweet. the art was pretty, and the size was a surprise! i do hope Eliza's sprite will have more expressions in the full version :3

i loved it! it was so cute. the animation was adorabs too! :D

*found a typo! unless it was intentional? "these are all to warn out to read tho" / "too worn out"+"though"

your art has gotten way better :D super hyped for this!

eeeek that's exciting! :D

is this a commercial game? o-o the art totally looks like it!

looks pretty(*´▽`*)


so excited been stalking this game on lemmasoft for a while now

the characters are so realistic you could practically cut the awkwardness in the air like a piece of cake (and you actually want to bc they're so adorable). and her smile, god, her smile (*´▽`*)