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I apologize for not answering sooner. I just released the demo. :)

Hi Levnot, 

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to play the demo. I really appreciate the feedback.  These playthrough's are helping me polish this game as time progresses. I took some notes while you were playing to get an idea how to improve on it.

Overall, I appreciate your feedback!

Sounds great! Really looking forward to the improvements.

Loved it! It was simple having it all bundled up together. I liked the style and the mechanics of the game. I haven't gotten the chance to watch the movie yet. 

Overall I liked the style, it was easy and simple. I liked the intro on the game, super awesome. Two thumbs up in my book. 

Liked the concept!

I had fun playing this, I liked the fact of the gravity changing throughout he game - Creative. I admit it was a little confusing running around. I wasn't sure what buttons did what. lol I kept saying "excuse me" every time I passed the Manchester. I kept trying to run up the stairs so many times. Just noticed your post earlier about it. lol

Over all it was pretty cool. Best wishes on future dev

HUGE fan of your work. I started following you a long time ago when I happened to stumble upon your YouTube page. You have SO much potential. The moment I saw your name on this game I immediately jumped on it. Very impressive! I really wish you the best on your work and the production on this game if it continues. It's simple, easy and phenomenal. The filter just added a touch of perfection towards it. Good day to you sir!