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Really enjoyed this game, will you keep improving it after the jam? I would love to it look nicer and have controller support.

Interesting, we've had only positive feedback on the amount of planes, but thanks for showing it's not necessarily a good thing.

Good idea! We'll try to implement it after the jam.

Ah. Are you going to continue development after the jam?

Ahh, just more fun. Rating increased just because of that!

I can't see the game. I've tried 1080p and 720p with ultra and high quality none of which render the screen. A blank window opens.

I loved the idea of this game but it feels like the AI was just so much better than me at the game, which was really impressive to me.

Interesting concept but I find it unclear as to what the goal is.

Really nice game for a tiny concept.

Love it!

Really fun but it's a shame there's no controller support. 

Such an interesting concept and really fun to play. The one flaw I would say is that the game over screen takes so long. I really could see this becoming a full game.