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Thanks! For now much more advanced AI behavior and content such as more levels are the highest priority. Co-op multiplayer is an interesting idea, but for now the scope is single player. Maybe in the future :)

Yeah, the AI should still be fairly difficult opponents, mostly I want to tweak their accuracy and reaction time a bit so it can be more varied. I think, with more advanced behaviors and their ability to cooperate with each other in order to flank you, I will have to tone down their 100% accuracy a bit if it gets too hard. All the factors that affect the behavior and difficulty of the AI could also be controlled using difficulty levels, but the baseline should still be hard enough that you need to work slowly through the levels and using the proper tactis - simply running and gunning should get you killed in no time.

Thanks for the kind words! A new much larger level is the main priority for the next release. More long-term I want to have a lot of levels which you can access from a main hub, and where the objective and tactical approach for each level would vary a bit.

Procedural generation of levels would also be an option, but I'm gonna wait with that a bit as it's quite hard to generate levels that are fun.

Yeah, more feedback when shooting (such as bullets, bullet holes, ricochets, etc) and making the enemy AI less skilled is needed in order to make the game more fun. Those things are coming as well as much more advanced AI behavior. Thanks for playing and the feedback!