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Thanks for the comment. I uploaded a new version recently with a bit better in game tutorial- I noticed a few people I had play test got stuck creating a long enough bridge- key is holding down the V/L key (or X button on a controller) - the longer you hold it, the longer the bridge!

Thanks!! Yes, I had planned to have in game hints and to show either key controls or controller buttons- but ran out of time on that!

Love the isometric!

Good start on a space RPG- nice to see an RPG entry, there weren't many in this genre!

Really original and another game that's a neat twist (and good fit) on the theme!

Audio and lighting effects are really nice!

Very cool game- and really polished for game jam!

Nice physics puzzler! I got most of the levels! A few more physics twists or concepts and this is a pretty fun game, could be a good fit for mobile as well with some swipe or touch controls.

Very cool idea. And very theme fitting ;)

Nice idea! I like the fighter game idea! Agree with some of the comments below, some aid kits would be great, and maybe jumping or kicking etc. and more variety in how the enemies come at you. I like the enemies animations with the electric border etc!

Great soundtrack and good start overall...more enemies and more variation in attack patterns and it'll be a great shooter!

Fun game! It does have a solid retro look- especially the purple walls! I did agree with the one comment, controls might need a slight refinement. I found it very hard to move only 1 square and take a corner which occasionally got me a bit stuck in the game. One thought, for desktop you could scale it up easily and add arrow key support and the space bar for fire, and then steam controllers and keyboards would work great with it, which I think would go a long ways for it on the desktop making it easy to control.

Neat game, I like the concept! I found the controls a little tricky. One suggestion is if you use space bar as another option to fire the cannon, then the steam controller would work slick (without needing to tweak keyboard mapping for it) out of the box. A little faster firing I think would make it a little more fun/addictive!

Cool game. Defender with animals - I like the mini map - some nice touches. And the kids like the animals ;)

Very nice and lots of polish!

Nice one touch/click game! If you have a bit of time after the jam I'd look into adding some particle explosions when you blow up the asteroids - always a nice touch and libGDX makes it pretty easy to do! Nice polish and the transitions between the scenes/etc. is slick.

I escaped too ;) Neat idea. It took me a bit to realize I clicked on the text to execute that action, but once that was figured out it was good!

Fun game! I tried it with the mouse (just the computer I'm on) and the controls were tricky. I'll give it whirl on my windows machine with an xbox controller.

Worked this time, thanks! Nice game- I agree some power ups for health would be great addition!

Thanks! That's been a consistent piece of feedback- the clone is fast! I'm hoping to revisit this game post game jam, maybe add a few levels and tweak game play based on feedback- think I'll experiment with slowing the clone down. I was shooting for that twitch platformer feel- but it is such a fine line between fast/frantic and frustrating!

Yea, it's almost a bit too fast I think...I was debating after my last play through of slowing down the player just a touch. Thanks for the nice feedback!

Super fun! The data logger (enemy descriptions) and that each wave is a different alien and has unique spawning/behavours makes it really enjoyable. I keep getting stuck on wave 4 - might have to go easy mode to see all the waves!

Fun! Hooked me so I had to finish it. Music worked well with it, really fit and added to the game.

It opens offscreen for me. I have only a single display hooked up (HDMI out to a 1080p TV). The other jars I've tried on the game jam don't do this so I'm not sure what's different. Let me know if there's something I should try different.

Finally 3 hours later I won one game ;)

Key strategy seems to be take over planets fast early- let the big ones produce while raise the level of the little ones early, and then raise the big ones too....or maybe i just got lucky!

Great game! You have to think along a lot of fronts at once! Very fun!

I see where you were going with it, neat idea. You should post an update an finish it off! - it seems like right now it doesn't quite work fully (I got an astronaut drinking, but could never get him doing anything else).

3:25 was my longest time ;)

Music didn't play for me either (windows 10)

Nice game - I think speeding things up a touch might make it a little more engaging long term. I found the player rotates a bit slowly. Although what I noticed with that mechanic is you had to start to scan further ahead and it became more strategic vs. twitch so it depends what you're shooting for!

You have the beginning of a good game, nice first go! More levels would be great.

I'll give you a hint if you want to cheat- it creates a plain text save file in the folder the exe or jar is run in...Look for NumLives: ;)

Fun one! Similar to old school lunar lander but with shooting (and maybe even harder!) -The camera is cool how it pans as you slow down/speed up.

Very hard ;) ! Sound track gives it a good vibe.

Neat idea. Took me a minute to too realize my planet wasn't in the hospitable zone and that was the key!

Alright you have to finish it now- I'd like to know what happens once you escape! Fun game!

Slick prototype - could see it as a fun game for sure once built out - pixel art style was nice. I'm a fan of turn based RPGs, so add in some interesting items, leveling up, and exploring, it'd be great!

Nice looking game! Reminds me of old Sega arcade games like after burner!

Neat game. A tougher one to figure out right away, but your instructions (after I died) game some good hints ;)

I liked the idea. Took me a bit to get the hang of the menu system for actions and how it impacts the players stats. I liked the running pixel man as well ;)

Fun game. We tried it with a steam controller, was a bit tricky on controls there. Might try it again with a mouse and keyboard!

Really fun!