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Wow dude! That was incredible! Launching straight into my Rift worked perfectly, and that was a BLAST! Not to mention a workout! I haven't sweat this much in weeks! xD Can't wait to see where you go with this, I'll definitely be along for the run! :D

Ok, not sure if this is even solvable, but I recently updated my laptop to the creator's Update and have been having various problems, including with this game. Whenever I try and play it with my dedicated GPU it crashes, but it runs fine on the integrated GPU. probably a driver problem with Nvidia, but I've seen no other reason for the breakage except that I updated. Just good for people to know.

XD Thanks! Yeah, I doubt many people would even ever encounter that. Just thought it'd be a good thing to post just in case! ^^

Seems like they talked to a certain giant compact disc before starting their attack...

XD Ok, so besides the awkward title something interesting just happened. I was on titanium fighting the tunnel level and both me and the last enemy died at the same time and I was standing on the elevator so it started going down, glitching the camera out into space below the arena where some green fog was. Then the menu text tried to show up and the announcers were talking... but the text was showing up with depth! XD So weird, I thought I should probably let someone know. ^^Picture showing what happened. ^^

Interesting idea! I like it! ^^

Thanks! Was just wondering cause it seemed like a really advanced form of whatever you were using. Thx!

Is there any certain extension you use in Unity for importing the voxel models and using them in your games? I've seen ones like PicaVoxel and it looks pretty cool, but yours just seems soo much better, was just wondering. Thx!

I'll try it. Sound like it should work. Thx!

Hi! So this is my first post here, just wanted to say two things. First of all, this game is awesome! I saw Jack play it on Youtube and had to try it out myself! Soo glad I did!

Secondly, the bug I'm getting is that every time I alt+tab out of the game and then alt+tab back in, without hitting escape to pause first, the character loses mouselock and 1) I can't switch weapons, and 2) the mouse can move outside of the window and if you click at all the game minimizes. At the moment the way to solve it is to hit escape twice when you alt+tab back in, but I alt+tab a lot to switch between apps, so if this could get fixed it'd be a HUGE help. Thx again!