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Are the special items things you find but don't use? Things like the silver and gold keys aren't considered special items right?

Yay! Thank you! :D

As a 90's kid I'm really loving this game but  I got an error message when Timothy is walking home from school after he passes the drink machines- something like a .png file won't load.  Hope it gets fixed so I can finish it!

Thanks! It's where my mind lives ;)

Hey there!

Thanks so much for choosing my visual novel to livestream!  It was fun actually watching someone play through it and give feedback!  Yeah, this is a very existential matrix-like story.  I was reading about the theory of non-linear time and wondering 'what if the super AI we're trying to build has already been created and is already out there- and we are living in a sim situation right now?'  Haha my brain likes to ask me questions like this all the time ;) My other game Alive Inside is similar to this one- it's about a terminally ill girl who volunteers to be the first person to have her mind transferred to the digital world. She thinks it's going to be like Lyra's world but it ends up being nothing even close to that o.O  Thanks again! Take care!

These graphics are just too freaking adorable!!

I play a lot of indie games and this one is a real standout! I felt totally immersed in the world right away which is rare. I love all the little details and the Bladerunner-esqe aesthetic. Would hands down buy a full version!

This looks amazing!! Obviously a lot of work went into all the details- I love the graphics, music and overall atmosphere- a dystopian wonderland haha!! I gave u a thumbs up on Steam :)