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Hey Geargom team,

Thanks so much for the great response and I can confirm that the shortcut bug is gone!

Soo....I may have found another bug.

I have the program open in Windows 10, with the program setup so I am seeing Markdown on the left and the WISWYG rendered document on the right. I have a 'test.jpg' in the same folder as the markdown file that I am editing. The actual file is just a random screenshot I took for this test.

In VS Code, I added the line below, and it rendered the image just fine


In MDE4ME, the line just shows up as a broken image in the rendered document

But if I use the insert image dialog up top and choose 'test.jpg', MDE4ME inserts the binary directly in line, see below. It did show the image correctly in the rendered  document.

Thanks guys for supporting your 'Windows' users, great program, glad to help.

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working with MDE4ME, and I loaded a file and began experiencing something strange. I started editing my file, typing was fine until I hit the 'n' or 'o' keys which appeared to be shortcuts to opening a file if I hit the 'o' and it would clear file if I hit the 'n', perhaps 'new file'?

Almost as if I was pressing 'ctrl + o' or 'ctrl + n'... I do not see this behavior if I have the CAPS lock on the keyboard, no other keys invoke other behaviors...thx