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The idea of the game is excellent!

Although there are quite a lot of bugs, also there isn't a way to replay dialogue which had me restart one time bcz i accidentally skipped it..

Still really good!

i like, i like.

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The final boss was amazing, the effects, the art of the background and the boss itself it was all so well-made, it was truly the final boss.

Well done.

Thanks for playing!

i will look into those problems.

Thank you for the Feedback!

i did not expect this game was this good!

i would pay for this!

(also, i played the whole game thinking i can't sell buildings...)

Another great game!

Every game you make is good, keep up!

the top left part in the last level is indeed way too hard, i really need to change that ('o_o)

The explosion effect can the place crowed so i will have to tweak it more as you said.

Thanky for playing and for the feedback!

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Actually I don't think my mechanics are that good and i genuinely think my puzzles are horrible, but you know marketing is important (even if it has some things that are subjective ('o_o), i see steam games do thay so i thought i could give it a try)

Oh yeah also thanks for playing :D

I think you didn't exactly understand what i meant, i didn't say the puzzles are difficult, i said that they make no sense, and there is no indecation to what does what, for example: clicking on the witch to teleport, or the funky mechanics of the deer statue, there is a difference between a hard puzzle and a puzzle that is hard because it makes no sense, a good example of hard puzzles that are well designed are Jonathan Blow games (Braid & The Witness) they are hard sure. But, they are hard because they are designed that way, not because i didn't know i need to click on something that is not related to what i did before to have an outcome that doesn't make sense.

That's so weird, I tried replicating it again and again, but it never seems to happen (what the hell is this bug ahhhhhhhhhh)

Weird, seems to be working just fine for me

Maybe the ball didn't get retrieved in time for you? I can't seem to figure out the problem :(

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Thanks for playing!

I don't really understand what you mean about the jumping animation, because there isn't one ('o_o) [all the animation in the game are handled through physics and scripts, other than looping the sprites] I'm not sure where this problem you are talking about is, can you specify more?

Thank you for your kind words :D

It's on my checklist, sir!

(And thanks for playing...)

Visually and mechanically it's pretty good, but the puzzles man... the puzzles are just :(

there is no indication of what to do and how to do it, I don't understand how the deer statue works (even after watching the walkthrough), there is nothing that tells me that I need to click on the witch to teleport, + i clicked on the bookcase, but it didn't make me put the book there, turns out I need to click in the exact spot where the book was supposed to go, that's just... no :|

although I admit, the dragon puzzle was quite good, but I got glitched out in it and soft locked myself, so yeah...

Lmao the music choice made me chuckle XD

The level with the text "I give up" is actually the last level, but I might've made the shot a bit too difficult ('o_o)

Thanks for playing tho :D

Ah, sorry about that! You can press R to reset the level if you got stuck ('o_o)

Thanks for playing, though!

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Thanks for playing!

I was wondering why no one pointed out how hyperactive the ball is, but I do agree it's a bit too bouncy, although I don't think I will change it since it's really difficult to properly balance bounciness in Unity.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a really fun shooter game! Managing mana and using my ability to clear huge amounts of skeletons never gets old!

The visuals are great, the characters and the environments all look solid, although I have a couple of things to address:

first, I wished there was auto fire, it starts to hurt my hand after a while (thank goodness I have an auto-clicker button in my mouse ('-v-))

second, the shooting audio is a bit too loud and when you shoot a bunch of bullets in a short period of time, it starts to hurt my ear a bit.

And one last thing, the teleportation ability is a bit broken, since it doesn't have a cooldown, so maybe add that? (or don't bcz broken abilities are kinda fun XD)

aside from all of that, this is a great entry, and it was very fun to play, good work dev team :D

I had a fully working audio manager, but I couldn't make sound effects on time ('-.-)

Thanks for playing & for the feedback :D

Despite using a 126 color pallete, thanks for the complement XD

Thanks for playing!

A nice and simple game, the enemy patterns are clear, so you know what they will do next time, the visuals are very pleasing and cute, and it gets quite challenging in the last level XD

although I think dying is a bit weird? Since when you die you kinda bump into everything while going down, and it resets before you reach your body, it's not that big, but I wanted to address it.

Also, maybe shrink the player collider a bit? It feels like it's a bit big (maybe it's just my imagination tho, you know how humans think everything is unfair XD)

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This game is sick!

The visuals are great aesthetics are top-notch, and it's quite creepy, the notes were really intruding!

But then, I died, I went through one of the black doors in the long hallway and fell off and died, it wasn't very pleasant you know :/

also clicking Ctrl shoots, I think you missed that in the input system ('-_-)

I found a couple bugs on my second playthrough:

first, you can walk up this tree

second, I didn't fall at the end XD

Also, there was a (?) next to "THE END", does that mean there is another ending or is it hyping the sequel? It's kinda cool ngl XD

Thanks for playing :D

That brings up a good point, I have a level select menu, but you can't tell which level you are in ('o_o)

i probably also need to add a proper control guide in the game.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback and don't worry about your English, I'm not a native speaker either (I use a grammar checker all the time ('o_o) )

Hey, thanks for playing!

There isn't much in the HUD other than the settings button, but I still need to look into that, what's your screen resolution? Maybe it affects the HUD?

You can actually reset the level with "R", and open the settings with "P", they aren't stated in the game only in description sorry... ('-_-)

also I didn't exactly understand what you meant by "iwasn't paying attention what number the fase was so it took me a while to find wehere I stopped" can you please clarify?

Thanks for the feedback tho, helps a lot :D

An excellent puzzle game, the art is gorgeous, the mechanics are solid and no bugs on site!

I loved the background details, they add a lot to the game!

I saw the main idea in a couple of other jams before, but, I don't mind!

The execution easily covers that up!

A very nice game!

Evolving and mating is a very nice mechanic, although it was a bit weird at times, sometimes when I evolve I die  instantly (maybe a red dot was under me and I ate it when I evolved?), and sometimes I'd wait for a quite a bit till I can find a mate or a body to get to, also I couldn't understand what other things do, like the jellyfish and the weird spiky thing at the beginning, but nonetheless it was pretty fun, the music was solid, and it felt good to control.

Yo, the VFX in this game are great, you even have a dissolve effect for enemies dying!

The mechanics are good but the dashing felt a bit weird, I think it zooms on the player when you charge the dash, but it's not clear if it boosts my dash or not, I wished the bomb would explode on contact since it's very hard to time it right with the enemies, also I liked that the player slows down when shooting, it's a little nice effect :)

a highscore feature would be really nice to see, since it's a highscore game you know ;)

oh and finally, I think you forgot to set up the camera confiner in the second level o.o

Holy frickin moly, the story just clicked when I finished it, and the boss uses the power ups I collect in the way DAAAAAAAAMN.

This game is amazing, I was wondering why everyone liked it so much, now I understand, and it's 100% true, this game is 10/10 must play.

(one bug I encountered was in my second playthrough, I killed the boss and the boss killed me at the same time, it showed the text of me dying, but then I respawned as the king child, so it's not that bad of a bug)

Nice little arcady game, although I expected to have a health upgrade, but there isn't, not that big of a deal tho.

Also, when you die, a black square fades into the screen, but it's small and doesn't cover the whole screen (is this a bug?)

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A fantastic idle game!

It has everything you'd ask for in such a game, a banger music (please release the soundtrack), balanced progression, lots of upgrades, and a nice relaxing story with it.

There were only 2 things that bugged me about it:

First: the lack of interaction, aside from the beginning, clicking is just not efficient, this could easily be fixed with an upgrade that boosts clicking power, it would spice up the gameplay and give me something to do while waiting for happiness to collect.

Second: I wished I could see the creatures I get on the screen, it's not the biggest thing in the world I know, and I understand that it would add a lot of work to it, it's something I really want to see considering how many of them I got ('o_o)

All in all, this is an excellent entry, and can easily turn into a mobile game, it's worth playing not just as a jam game, but as an actual fully fleshed out game. Dev team did great on this entry :D

Thanks for playing!

I really need to fix that full-screen bug ('o_o) sorry about that..

Thanks for the feedback :D

A nice little game, it's missing some polish but hey, it's a jam game after all!

Although it would've been nicer if when I died it restarted the level I'm in not the whole game, but it's not that big of a deal, good work :D

I tried my best to make collecting the spirit orbs (blue balls) as satisfying as possible, putting a dozen of them in one room was a great idea XD

P.S: there are actually 4 extra balls in that room (they are the red collectibles, just like the one in the third level), so you can throw five balls simultaneously.

Hmm, that's weird, I will look into it.

Thanks for the feedback & for playing :D

I'm honestly surprised by the fact that people like the levels (I thought they were terrible, lol). Anyhow, glad you liked the game & thanks for playing :D


An absolute banger!

I'm a huge sucker for boss fights, so this was fantastic to play!

Although I might've made it harder for me at the beginning since I kept avoiding falling rocks, thinking they would damage me ('o_o)

the visuals are great, I loved how the characters portraits move their mouth when talking, really shows how well this was made :)

the story is quite funny and interesting with great pacing between rounds, the game knows when to have conversations and when to hold it off.

Great sounds and music, never felt annoying or repetitive.

The characters are excellent being a parody of the hero group and vampire villain that we see in lots of anime and games, although the wizard is a bit too strong, it's like someone pulled a frickin machine gun to a sword fight lol.

The only criticism I have is the difficulty, and the drain blood ability:

The difficulty was a bit too hard even from the first fight, the hero is so tanky, and my health is so low and can get wrecked real quick, thankfully you added the assist option in the game to increase the player damage which really helped (although that option only shows up in the options main menu and not in the pause options menu).

The drain blood ability (which I suppose is added to make the game easier) has a big problem, it's so weak, the drain blood is useless, it regenerates so little health and can only be used if you killed someone, at first I thought it was something like a leech ability where you can use it to deal damage and get some health back with a cool down like the bat ability (I thought that because of its circle icon/bar at the top next to the bat ability icon/bar), I would love to see a buff for the ability that would make it a lot nicer to work with.

But away from the negative side, this game is just perfect (minus those two criticisms that I just mentioned), it gets everything right, and if I'd give it a rating it would be 5, huge props to the dev team, they did a great job on this game!

Great Game, great aesthetics, the visuals are amazing, and the mechanics are great.

Although, maybe change the talking font? It looks off since it's not pixelated (maybe use the same font from the intro cutscene?)