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you're welcome and i can wait, even if it is a year or 2 XD

i just finished the game and omg, the feels man. I didn't expect to be in tears because i almost never cry but damn . Dicesuki what have you done to my heart. The music was on point! I could listen endlessly to some tracks. I loved every single one of the characters ,they were so interesting and you can't help but to fall in love witch each and every character. The story was so original and brilliant ond omg i am such a fangirl for this game XD. I loved locked hearts as well but this is just brilliant. okay i have to stop this comment or else it will become a documentary. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this game and i will defenitly support your future games.

OMG IT'S OUT. i was so happy when i saw that i could download it i almost screamed :)

i just finished the demo and i LOVE it ,the art is so pretty and all the characters are so interesting.I love the story and i can't wait till the full release.

i just finished this game and i really love it .The guys are so handsome and sweet in their own way even Royal turned out to be a really sweet guy especially in his best end ,omg so cutee!! <3

it worked! Thank you so much.

i absolutely LOVE this game ,the main character has a really strong eill and i like that. the characters ere so cute and i didn't even mind the bad endings because they were really clever and weren't just the normal "you didn't get in his pant" type of ending.but yeah i really loved the game

the download button doesn't work for me...can someone please help me?

omg i absolutely LOVE this game ,it's so funny but definitely romantic! The only thing that i didn't like as much is that we don't see the dialogue of the character that we play as , actually talking to the other guys. Other than that i REALLY enjoyed the game and i can't wait for the full game