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Shane O'Brien

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Love the characters, both the art and writing of them =D Really good use of Fungus too!

Was so excited to see this supported the Leap Motion, finally have a reason to dust that thing off! Looks great, well done!

Really cool, the music + the bad guy aliens were kind of unsettling to me =S Nice work!

I love it! Space Invaders meets Missile Command with the roles reversed AND resource collection on top of all that! Really well done =D Love the Dab animation when you successfully exploit a race!

Really awesome that this was made in AGS! I liked the setup and the art looks great =D

Super fun on mobile, love the ships lights, the feel of descending down onto a planet =D

This might have been one of those games you just had to experience at the Jam. Having an interactive story where you physically dial a rotary phone just adds so much to the experience. Never thought I'd see something like this =D

Very phunny!

Nice work, good solid concept and great to see the ai working! I have tried and failed to do that at many jams ;_;

AMAZING soundtrack! Thought I was playing a Radiatori Yang game at the start XD Nice work!

This is really cool and made in only 12 hours =O The art, gameplay and levels all feel really good together!

Well done!

Fun! The controls feel weird at first but you get used to them, sound is awesome, music is great, really nice particle effects! Good job on the random generation but maybe the timer should extend based on how many objects there are to destroy!

Awesome work!

Really like it! Art is great, sound is great, love the newspaper! Nice work!

Hey Everyone! SparksJam has "SOLD OUT" We have no more tickets available!!! WOO!

A ticket is required for entry to the jam on location at Pulse College and I'm afraid we cannot guarantee entry to those without one are we are pushing the limit on the space available already.

You can of course, still join us online over at http://gamej.am! We already have quite a few people participating online so there should be enough to for a few teams!

We will have some lunch, pizza and beers, but I'd recommend everyone bring some snacks themselves as jamming can be tiring work and as an incredibly picky eater myself, it's sometimes hard to find something you might like.

We'll have tea and coffee so bring a cup!

We're hoping to announce the theme and start jammin' at 9am so the doors will be opening at 8am! To hurry things along, I'd suggest signing up to the itch.io page (http://gamej.am) before hand.

YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR GAME UPLOADED TO ITCH BEFORE 10pm to be considered for any prizes, prizes will be announced on the day and winners will be chosen when voting ends next Saturday.

We'll be having a quick tidy / play session from 9pm onwards and the voting will open.

The key thing is to meet new people and have some fun while making games =D