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Cool game!

One bug, the hero is sometimes sliding on the ground x)

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The game is great, but I found a bug, you can shot through the walls if you stand close to it. First two bullets stops at the wall, but third flies through.

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The car movement is just bad. The graphics are great, it doesn't strain your eyes. 

I don't want to be hostile to you. The game has an unique style and I love it, but there are things many people do not like. It is very good that it is a demo, so people can write their opinions. 


- Lighting should be improved. The night mode is awesome, but it has some light issues when driving. Maybe switching to some RP would help.

- Menu is not very intuitive. It look very clean and cool - I like it, but I think there should be a little bit more on the screen so the player knows what to do. Maybe, at the bottom informations like "(SPACE) Select" or something

- The car movement, as I said above - it is too realistic for this type of game

Well I played a little bit with the gameplay options and it seems to be better, but still I think this is the thing you should work on.

For me it works on Windows 10 without problems.

I don't get it.  The package contains only the box sprites as prefabs?

Not really

Hey! What software did you used to create this amazing game?:D

Or did you just wrote it in java?

It is very enjoyable, love the spikey guys ^^'

This looks very useful !

It took me 22min, nice game. :) error: ';' expected

    [javac] package;

etc errors.

i love the story

updating the drivers solved it. ;)

It looks like, it does only not work on Realtek HD, others works fine. 

snibbetracker community · Created a new topic no sound
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it gives no sound for me on windows 10.  :/

any way,  it looks good.