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Yeah he is!馃槈

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 I love this game. Its really hilarious and the story is great. Can't deny but the mc is really adorable and hot. It's really a good game especially to really kinky people.

Ahahhaha Lol.

okay cool

Huhuhuhu no android.馃槩

hahahaha this game gave me a good laugh馃ぃ it's good tho. I lost all the path but its still a good story.

Haha this game is good and the multiple character format is cool.

Oh my gosh the game is short but the music and story is great. I didn't encounter any problems when i played this on my android but the music is really great it matches with whatever the situation is. You can either be a romantic or lewd and for me the game is a bit of a slow-burn. I hope this game gets a lot of support because it's really good. 

Hahaha this game is so funny. It's also great.

Okay thank you

Hello so Im a new player in roommates. I don't know if the mod worked for me so I want to ask how can I know if the mod worked?