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I only got one ending but I mite have had more fun with the text function 

also feel free to play my game for the jam :)

I liked the game i found there were a lot of invisible walls :|

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Thanks I'm happy you enjoyed the game :)

*Edit* I just find it funny how half of the comments are me thanking people for playing the game.

Really cool game just wanted to let you know about this error message I got about a kettle.

really fun game the only thing is that the art seemed a bit to good for a game jam about not being able to draw.

how do i play?

also feel free to check out my game :)

This game is fun. maybe other mini games other then the typing one :)

This game entertained me longer than it should have also are the Purple and yellow moons meant to be Prospit and Derse from homestuck?

this is one of the best games I have played on this jam so far

the game was great for some odd reason I had  a harder time on easy then on hard. 

really liked the graphics game play was a bit confusing for the first minute but I figured it out fast. over all great game :)

I learned how to do a health system

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Awesome game my children died many times
(edit) the baby ducks

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The projectile enemies are in the other levels its a rogue-lite so you wouldn't always get enemies the shoot because of its random aspects. thanks for the feedback though

Thanks glad you like it.

cool game.. I don't really have any feedback other then maybe have you gain 10 health every wave so you can go longer and not want to restart when you mess up and lose half your half on and early wave
feel free to try my game too

Really great game I love how the combat works you should definitely

 go somewhere with this game

Fun.. one of those levels though feels impossible but great game.

awesome game it would be cool if you added something that when you shoot say 3 ducks in a row you get more points. like a combo system.

great art style the only thing I would change is adding a cool down for the gun so you can't spam it.

loved the game

Really cool game reminded my a bit of wario ware. my favourite mini game was the weightlifting one .

Great game love the level diversity. feel free to try out my game

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Nice game

Neat game, love the art

Great game

Awesome Game love the fast past combat you go from dying every second to being a master of robot destruction

feel free to check out my game

NeonTrail is a score based arcade game about avoiding enemies forcing them to run in to each other.

I hope you enjoy. 


I recommend spit upgrades. My ideas: Shotgun spit, spit laser , burst , ETC 

other then that amazing game I loved 

Awesome game. don't know how you incorporated the theme thought.

was it you could only see one thing at once?

I recommend for WebGL not to have a "Quit" button

other wise fun game :) 

Neat Game :)

Maybe you can walk and jump instead of the whole thing where the ninja lunches. the swinging aspect worked great.

Great Idea better controls would be nice

while cover then.

Really fun to play but the guards can see thought walls other then that great job.

Thanks... The Gravity used to be super float but I toned it down to what you see now. I'm Glad you liked the level verity 

Click the blue full-screen button that one will enlarge the camara. 

I can not seem to find out why do you hear the music playing? I have also only playtest on windows computers despite that should not change anything... You mite be able to fix it by: Reloading the page, Clicking  the blue full screen button which will expand the camera view.

I really don't know why this is happening more details would help me fix the problem.