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cool but complicated because of gaming habits, so i went often on the edges and try to act as a static cannon

Great gameplay idea, waiting for more levels after the jam please !

Such perfect idea, well realized ! Just missed a little reflexion music background but it's a tiny detail compared to the well-thinking things.

Arts and sound are really good

Amazing concept which could deserve a complete game !

found it complicated to understand because of latency for changing color but after 5 minutes, really good and appreciated !

suceeded to 33! Don't know if it's high but pretty proud ! very fun and groovie but i lost 5 minutes to understand how to change color (didn't understand the latency)

Very WTF and surprising but cool ! Pretty hard too...

Really good ! Multiplayer is fun !

Ok, strange thing, i will inspect it. If unsolvable can I post a version with a button as « Enter » making this function ?

Fresh and very fine ! (Just Can't find how to restart except close application)