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A member registered Apr 28, 2017

Recent community posts

Hitting the jumping spidery mobs doesn't totally stop their forward momentum, so they can jump at you then get hit by a sword but still fly into you...

When you combine the ability to run with the ability to blow fire all over the place with the leaf... it was only a matter of time :P

Found another bug where trees can fall through the rocks, leaving a piece of wood in the starting cave... not sure if i explained that properly

More health would be nice, maybe a heal zone at the start. I killed all the enemies and was working on cutting all grass, breaking all rocks etc. and I keep touching fire and now i'm almost dead but am out of healing items...

Two issues with bow/arrows: Can't seem to pick up arrows that are dropped by mobs. If you get both bows, you can drop one and pick it up repeatedly to get infinite arrows.