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this is a sweet little game

If you get a RSS feed reader extension for your browser, you can try subscribing to the itch YouTube RSS feed

aww thank you so much :) I hope I can bring more wholesomeness with my next game

I'm a software developer, often find myself wishing I could focus more on what I enjoy at work but also unsure if I would get tired working on games all the time. I think I'd like to work on games full time one day, but only in a studio that feels right. As it is, I find this works well for me and I am able to enjoy games a lot when I have the time to.

haha I loved this

Thank you for such a lovely comment, it means a lot <3

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This was an absolute joy to read and I loved the personal aspects and how you spoke about how the game affected your own confidence and ability to feel free to experience and enjoy games for the sake of playing them. I have similar experiences myself, and I feel like the emergence of the wholesome games movement speaks to the message that I am not alone in feeling this way. Maybe Kirby was the voice that needed to begin this movement, but now it is kept alive by the creativity of the many indie developers who give new life to it every day.

Beautiful little game, I wish I realised I could press Shift to move faster earlier on as I missed a tiny bit of the dialogue but what I experienced was beautiful and captures the feeling of grief really well.

Lovely little start of a story, I felt myself getting a lot more into the story towards the end of this prologue when there was more emotional opening-up and that made me excited for what's to come. I love the art and atmosphere too. 

really cool little game, love it. Bit tricky with trackpad!

yes, it was quite an experience. I can't say I understood much, but I did enjoy collecting the tiles by the end and the music was great. did wish I could hear the spoken lines a bit more though

i see now

Very enjoyable and fun little game, loved all the little platforming sections and the secrets to find! Can't wait to see what more you folks create.

Really fun and unique puzzle game, love the swapping mechanic and the puzzle design feels fun, by introducing new concepts without letting this become frustrating.

don't currently have linux or windows, but can't wait to try this when I do as this looked really cool in development!

not sure if intentional or not, but thought you might like to know that on larger displays, the HTML cloud background is slightly cutting off on the bottom making some of the text hard to read on this page

Super cute, made me smile!

very simple but I really like the concept

I feel like having a map of the area might help with avoiding getting lost, as I got a bit frustrated with this when playing. Apart from this, I really enjoyed the game.

Seems like a cool idea, experiencing a lot of jaggy graphical glitching at the moment, but looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Fun little puzzler, echo the complexity getting a bit overwhelming, but definitely enjoyed a bunch!

lovely and relatable story, I really liked all the small little details. thank you!

Really neat little game, made me think a bit about alternative solutions and how many situations might have them. Setting all to minus was something I often found worked!

Lovely game, reminds me of playing breakout games growing up and has a lot of added charm! Thank you


Really enjoyed the first game and was looking forward to the remaster, so was sad to see it only on Windows. Is there any plans for Mac support?

Really want to see the new update here!

really good stuff, I found there to be a lot of interesting little places to find, thank you

Definitely up for trying it out! Fingers crossed

Looks awesome, sadly only got Mac at the moment but keen to try this.

Fun little platformer, the quirk with upwards dash is a bit unfortunate and the green light monsters are cute but I found them repeatedly falling off cliffs often and I didn't see much use for the light (although that could be a cool mechanic if they gave more light). I enjoyed playing despite these small issues though! Well done!

really cool, reminds me  of many play sessions of winterbells back in the day.  I like how it feels old but new!

Enjoyed this game, found the death system a little harsh though in terms of lack of checkpoints and losing coins.

Agree game is very beautiful and I love the music and charming atmosphere. Likewise stuck here, found it too tricky to get the timing right

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Absolutely adore this game, brought me many smiles and I eagerly await the full game. One bug report on Mac: using the binoculars, the labels showing mountain names/routes finished appear and disappear as you move around and don't always appear when you are actually looking at the mountain!

Edit: Seems related to low render distance as wasn't such an issue once I increased this

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First of all, got to say that I absolutely love the design put into this game, from the sound effects, to the little bits of isolated lore to how the mechanics gently build up and remain constantly engaging. As my partner puts it, post-capitalist puzzle games are my favourite type of puzzle game and this fits that like icing on that cake.

Sadly, I'm experiencing quite some issues running this game on my MacBook Pro, I believe the game is being forced to run at a high resolution and is causing a number of extremely laggy moments where no inputs are read for a few seconds and the visuals slow down a ton. This can happen anywhere in the game it seems but more when there's more on screen. It's a real shame as trying to get through it is worth it despite these glitches! I wonder what might fix this, a setting for resolution likely would, but potentially there may be an easier fix?

-- EDIT: Did a full restart and seems to have fixed these issues. Now I can finally play this masterpiece in all it's glory!

I should have got tissues before this. Lovely game, beautifully made

Would like to be able to pay-to-win and maybe some koala lootboxes, pls fix? Good game but doesn't steal enough money from me for how emotionally invested I am

Lovely and charming game, thank you so much for making this, found all the items and had a blast doing it. Always makes me happy to see games where characters are so happy being themselves. My dream is to make a game like this!

Also wondering about the Mac release! Looks so good