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This is for Monsterhearts 2!

I did research on Golem mythology and tried to tie certain Moves into the stories I could find and were told. While the Skin does have a monster side from the Jewish mythology I tried not to tie explicit themes of Jewishness into the Skin both because I am a gentile and I wanted people to be able to portray a Golem outside of a specific theme.

If you have these Skins from Skins for the Skinless or Forgotten Skins do note the ReSkins versions of the Fury, Angel, et al are different from those. 

Otherwise no, the Wyvern and Jorogumo are not separate at the moment. 

This game is amazing, touching, and beautiful. As a pagan I wanted to reach in and be a part of this world. As a lover of the eldritch I wanted to add to it. It is a wonderful game that is more performance art and personal magick than game.

Is there a template to use for the store layout? Like in the Mallrat's Guide to the Mall section for the stores themselves? I have the stores for my mall all ready to be fleshed out, given items, and the lovely staff.

This Skin is just spectacular! It faces down issues in ways I would never have expected while balancing real world issues with urban fantasy issues. Throw whatever modern word for perfection at this Skin you'd like. It has earned it.

I have been itching to make my own Mall based on my experiences as a goth in the American South 90s. This looks like a great time to do so instead of just sitting on the idea! Thanks so much for this jam, Lucian. May you and your chonky kitty be well.