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Fernando Ramallo

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Good idea! It's #doodlestudio95

Hm, that shouldn't happen. I'll look into that as well.

Thanks for the report! I recommend staying in 2017 if you'll use Doodle Studio, since it's the version we're supporting as of now.

Good catch! I'll look into it, thanks for the report

Thanks for sharing!

The itch app is designed to buy and run executable games!

So tools like these whose downloads are just zip files or in this case a .unitypackage file, won't show up as "Available on X platform" in the app. But that just means that you have to buy it through the website.

The toolkit works on (at least) the Windows and OSX versions of Unity.

I think if we enable Stripe as a payment option you’ll be able to? Doing that now, let me know if you’re able to purchase it now?

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Please refer to the documentation page before posting here, your answer might be there in the first place:


FAQ: https://kev.town/raymarching/faq/

Good catch, ugh! I'll take a look as soon as possible


With the recent addition of Tool tags, you can now tag your game as made with Doodle Studio! and they'll show up in the search:


Feel free to tag your games if you've used Doodle Studio to make them in the Tools, Engines, & Devices section on the metadata tab on your game's dashboard.

Sorry about that! This is fixed in an upcoming patch.

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I teamed up with the nice folks at Wild Rumpus to do a tiny little #doodlestudio95 game jam at their cozy space during GDC 2018.

It was very low key and folks showed up after their talks. We sat down on the floor and I passed keys for DS95 around. Since most people didn't have their computers with them we ended up passing my laptop around and having folks take turns adding a little animation to a simple scene. 

It was a great way to wind down after the conference and I loved collectively adding to the same scene.

Here's a twitter thread with pictures and videos of the experience:


Just came back from London for the wonderful Now Play This festival!

I gave a short workshop where we all sat down and made simple flatgames using Doodle Studio.

I presented everyone with a simple scene with only the Walking Character prefab included with DS95 on an empty scene, and prompted them to draw the environment based on something that happened to them the day before.

Focusing on constructing an environment instead of trying to make a game with mechanics was a pretty successful way of getting folks focused. The results were great!

There's pictures and videos in this twitter thread:


We love having Doodle Studio 95 in classrooms! It's a great way for students learning Unity to add characters and settings to their games in a quick and playful way while staying focused on experimenting and learning.

So if you're an educator, you can now get #doodlestudio95 for the classroom as a DRM-free, pay-what-fits-your-schools-budget simple purchase! 

Check out https://fernandoramallo.itch.io/doodle-studio-95-educational-license 

To convert an imported sprite sheet into a Doodle Animation File, follow these steps:

(skip to step 7 if you already have imported each frame as a Sprite)
1. Click the texture in the Project window and set the import settings as follows:
 - Texture Type to "Sprite (2D and UI)"
 - Sprite Mode to "Multiple"
2. Open the Sprite Editor
3. Click on Slice, at the top left corner of the sprite editor
4. Set Type to Grid By Cell Count, and set the Column and Row fields to how many frames per column and per row your sprite sheet has
5. Click Slice
6. Close the Sprite Editor and hit Apply
Now your texture should have one sprite per frame, we can convert it to a doodle animation file:
7.Right click your texture it in the Project window and select Doodle Studio 95 > Convert to Animation File.

Now your animation can be edited and used with Doodle Studio!

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Heya! I just released Doodle Studio 95! it's a hand-drawn animation tool for doodling inside of Unity!


I worked on it for a good while and it's packed with good stuff!

Doing a launch sale for the weekend! Would definitely appreciate spreading the word,

Hope you enjoy it and would love to see what you make with it!

Created a new topic Proper screensaver script
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Hey y'all! Congrats on so many jam entries!

I thought I'd share this little Unity script to make your game behave as a traditional screensaver by hiding the cursor and quitting the game when there's any input, plus a reminder to disable the resolution dialog.

With this we'd be able to bundle a bunch of them into a loader that'd make them run as actual screensavers! (on windows at least)

Screensaver.cs - http://pastebin.com/Ter8hCxz

At least one thing involving flying toasters

I wish there was a Mac version of the demo :(