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Hello, I had a time finding the door out of the forest. Could you add a clue please?

nice caveman sprite


its on its way ... & improving.

i know the algorithm will work, but javascript isnt my first language so bugs abound

looks awesome!
any chance of a linux build?

Hey Corey, Nice Little Game. Thanks. What did you use to do the music?

Looking Good! The Cursor is a tiny little dot now and seems to be accurate.


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hello, really like anything fermi concept related and platforrmers so really want to play this. on my ubuntu 18.4 blade the pointer on the opening screen and gameplay is a large glitchy rectangle and doesnt match the movements so cant use the menus and guns  properly . otherwise love the art style and gameplay and want to play it asap.

fixed! it seems it works fine on ubuntu using wine if download from site, the problem only existed using the client application.

great game, i really like the way you made big complicate platforms move and slot in with the environment. keep up the good work.


Doesnt want to install on my ubuntu 18.4 64.

But I want to play it.

When I first saw the pictures I thought it might be some kind of grid based asteroids mashup. Nice difficulty. Game mechanics need balance and development. Nice line drawing aesthetic, nice asteroid sprites.