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I get traceback call errors whenever i try to create any brushes or anything. Please ask for more information if needed, cause this looks like something i'd love to try.

i legitimately started chuckling as soon as I heard of this..this is great. Really funny and unique idea for a game. Haven't bought it yet but that's mainly cause I don't have access to my computer atm

I would but I don't have access to my PC ATM. Though, it turns out that the crashing has nothing to do with this game.

oculus vr kept crashing while playing, but when it was working it was really fun :)

NP. :D

this game is amazing! th art in it is top notch, reminds me alot of OBDUCTION, which runs on UE4. it amazes me that this was all made for a game jam. In regards to the story, the last line in it sums up my feeling about how it ended:

"so...what i just, wait?"

but for the rest of the story, man, i havent fealt this kind of mysterious suspense since watching the TV show LOST for the first time. :D a great feeling i want to replicate in my game somehow.

Hello again! I apologize that your experience with level 3 was so frustrating- that is definitely a huge issue! In the newest build im currently working on for steam (beta 12), i have changed the camera angle on the green platform to follow the ball horizontally, thus hopefully making it easier to navigate. The stuttering is probably not gone entirely in my new build yet, but hopefully has been reduced because I have just implemented Occlusion Culling of meshes.

I will see what i can do to further decrease level 3's difficulty based on your feedback. Thanks!

Also, I am not sure what is causing the alt-tab error, but based on all your feedback here i figure its about time i get more serious about testing on my laptop to weed out these issues.

thanks for the reply! the floor is white here due to the fact that the sunlight does not cast shadows at low settings. this is something i am already aware of and have fixed in the upcoming beta 11 release on Steam.

I'm sure that I could actually make the game save at your checkpoints, but it would be tricky to get it to actually resume there. at the very best, I think I could make it so that when you enter a level, if that level is your current level, then it resumes the level at your last checkpoint...i'll consider this as a feature for beta 12 on steam, because your not the first person that has expressed this issue, as it turns out. I'll see what i can do!

Hello, thank you for the feedback! the door failing to open occasionally is a known issue and has been (probably) fixed in the upcoming Steam-only beta 11 release. The mid-level checkpoints are not saved due to technical reasons (namely the difficulty in resuming the dynamic music where it left off), but the levels you have beat are saved, and the doors into them in the first area will remain open when continuing the game. This is intentional, but i am working on  a way to better telegraph this to players so they dont think of it as a "save" point and lose their progress through the level unknowingly.

The stuttering is also a known issue on lower end systems, but cannot be easily dealt with without knowing where the stuttering occurs, as I do not have a low-end system to test on. Can you tell me/describe the specific areas where the stuttering is at it's worst?

Hello, everyone. I'd like to let you all know that I have fixed the issue. :)

Yeah, i've gotten a few people saying that is a problem. I dont know what is causing this at the moment; but im going to contact and ask about it today

Hello everyone, Fennecai here! Because this game is in beta, and also doesnt currently have an in-game bug reporting utility yet, I am opening a discussion thread here on where you can tell me EVERYTHING you think is bad about the game. Part of my game development philosophy is, "if it is disliked, its a bug that needs fixing."

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i love the game's visuals and the little bit of the story i've seen so far; but heres the reason why i havent played all the way through yet:

for one, even though the game is meant to be relaxing, the boat goes too slowly even for that- it felt like i was pressing the boat through really thick mud instead of water.

the other reason, is because there should be a simple pause functionality. I pressed escape to pause, then the main menu loaded. thinking this was a pause screen, i hit escape again to un-pause it, but the game simply closed.


turns out, i wasnt even that far from the end anyways. game is too short. i want more like this. :) also, ever heard of a youtube channel called thehonestguys? they are a meditation channel mostly. i imagined the text being read by them- that said, that would be a great addition to the game, if you could comission them or otherwise get them to narrate the text in the game. :D