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Bobby half assed the jackets. Who half assed the whole story though ? Lmao

salon completely broke, yo.

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Where do you get your assets from? Those Ninja War jackets look awful...

This code thing... smh


I'm giving you an upvote an leaving.

Can help you with translation into Lithuanian language :)

Another Web game, if you know what I mean...

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The most important thing was to get physics right. You failed drastically. Animations are awful.

I give it 5/5 Shits </3

I'm so sad this game only offers male characters, except you. Unfortunate, because it looks amazing

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Seems like I can't take slaves as followers? Is this a bug? 0.76b version.

Yes, I do own 2 slaves and both of their relationship with me are great, I cannot think of a reason there's nothing here, because previous versions had interactive UI where I could take slaves as followers in this exact menu.

I was playing an outdated version, thank you!

Game is, uhhh.. It's okay. The looks are good. The women wishing to join the brothel, but there's no space is a mystery. I might be missing something but there's no way of freeing up space for other girls.

Does Kymanto Hall give out anymore quests after raiding Cyker's Bunker? I was told to come back in a few days, but it's been around 20 now. Is this the last quest in 0.76?

Nika's Clothes shop doesn't actually work and is not accessible.

Gave him $0.10 for like 15 ish times, nothing :/