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  • In love with the artstyle and the unconventional format of the game.
  • Gunfeel is great.
  • Nice music.
  • Slow down when hit is really interesting here since enemies shots are random so you have some time to predict and dodge.
  • The narration is simple but it works well, feels like a lot of effort went into that and it pays off.
  • Level design, while pretty good for navigation, isn't really suited for combat
  • Enemies shots are random which makes the combat even worse, predictable patterns should be way better and at least allow for more interesting combat and positioning than waiting behind a wall. Or maybe make the gun able to fire in any direction so you don't have to put yourself in front of the enemy to dodge unpredictable bullets, also this solution would make killing enemies above you less tedious.
  • Great art. Each asset feel like it's made with love.
  • Atmosphere is really cool. The world is intriguing, everything in it just make you want to see more. It's a very solid basis for an exploration game.
  • The camera isn't the best, not dynamic enough. This could improve a lot the presentation of the game.
  • The level design is uninspired. After a few minutes, the game doesn't feel like exploration anymore because you can easily guess the level layout, and nothing ever surprises you apart from different lifeforms here and there. Using verticality, different biomes for the lifeforms (even if it's just color swap) and more hidden paths could've prevented this.
  • The music is a bit repetitive
  • Flat character

Solid gameplay, I like the controls and the pace of the game as well as the core mechanic.

The only real problem I see with the game is that it's hard to read what's going on sometimes. Some powers are maybe a little too intense visually.
Also the UI and the feedbacks could use some work and i'm not completely convinced by the ammo system.

Otherwise great game. I like the music too.

Like the concept, like the atmosphere and art you were going for.

The theme is original but it also feels like its not used at its full potential since the only part of the gameplay that uses the theme is the narration, would love to see a more original combat system.
Sound mixing could be better.