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Windows build incoming

Yeah I will have a clickable escape button too. So I can keep the Esc shortcut in the final version then?

I'm making it so I can close my game with Escape, to save me from having to push alt-f4 a bunch.
I'm wondering if this would be allowed for the final submitted version (all it does is pop up a confirmation box and close when you push escape again)

Awesome, sent you an email

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It's true that people often use 8-bit or 16-bit to refer to things that look they're from an 8-bit or 16-bit console (which doesn't really have any relation to the graphics themselves). But that doesn't mean there isn't such a thing as "n-bit graphics". When talking about graphics in terms of pixels 8-bit means 8 bits per pixel which gives you one of 256 values (usually mapping to one of 256 24-bit colors in a palette). For instance, a gameboy screen has a 2 bits per pixel display so you could call that 2-bit.

So in the case of this jam (with only 2 colors on the screen) you could represent a rendered frame of your game with only 1 bit per pixel (and a palette with 2 color values in it to reference). Hence 1-bit.

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I was going to do this by myself, but I could definitely use help making sounds/music.

That is, if you're ok with working with a game that I'm mostly making from scratch using SFML and C++, so it might be a bit of a slow start.
If you do want to team up, you can just work on sound/music/sound design. Or you can also help with game design/brainstorming & even programming if you want (I'm most likely going to use Lua scripting for handling all the higher level stuff like which events happen and what objects/sounds/images to create when etc. so if c++ isn't your thing that's ok)

As for me, here's a game I made for a game jam last year https://felixnemis.github.io/ICTjam2/src/index.html

By 2 colors it means two specific shades, so that could be black and white, or black and one shade of gray, or a shade of red and a shape of blue, etc. But never any more than 2 specific color values at a time.