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Felipe Nanni

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Thank you for playing my game and for the great feedback! I didn't thought about what you said before, about having so little time after usign the last machine near the shift ends. I'm sorry you had your cathartic action robbed from you, it wasn't my intention. :P

Since I was making the game alone and didn't have access to Windows during development, I couldn't send builds to anyone, and some fresh eyes would help a lot to catch this kind of stuff. I agree with you and I'll see if I can come up with a solution that doesn't break the game. 

You're also right that it gets bland and repetitive, and the result was the best way I could deal with it, considering the nature of the character's job. I implemented two other minigames to break up the gameplay like you suggested, but you're right, they annoyed more than entertained, so I removed them before submitting.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Disc Nation, overall! :) I'm playing other games when I can use my girlfriend's computer, so I'm still to play yours, but I'll see if I can play this week. ;)

Wow, never has a Disc Gun felt so dangerous to the player! You did a wonderful job mixing the two games, I loved the way you decided to make the player's movement, the crates and Discs spawning... Congratulations! I also enjoyed seeing the Discs with cute angry faces, they're really funny!

Two things that I think would make it even better would be to drop mines on top of the discs and they exploded and/or being able to put the mines on the walls. Also, the speed that you get pushed away from the walls can be a little too fast. But those are just my opinions, it's a lovely game!

Hi! I'd love to get feedback on mine, Disc Nation! Here's the page:


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