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Thanks for playing! Your research was right :) The recommended strategy when being chased by a bomb alien is to stick to the escape route which means follow the golden path that usually indicates the safest path. Also, if you're trying maximize your chances to pass the military base, choose a character which power may help you in case you needed it. Good luck!

The sandstone is the block that disappears after you walk over it so you have to do that 50 times in a single game. If you pause the game you see how the progress over the mission bar is increasing as long as you achieve it. Thanks for playing it!

Hello Wynn,

When you collect 5 consecutive gold blocks without stopping, you get a gold streak and a yellow square appears at the top bar indicating you make it. You need to continue collecting gold streaks until you chain 10 in a row.  Achieving 10 gold streaks in a row is challenging and here you have some hints to make it - focus on this achievement at the start of the game, as it gets harder as you go deeper, and use some boost to get the first chains quicker. 

Good luck!


I've been checking in a computer with similar specs but couldn't reproduce the issue. We're investigating other ways to have better crash reporting to get more information and address this kind of crashes.

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi nkjnkjnkj,

Where did you get that information? I've scanned the file with different antivirus and also with prestigious online checkers and nothing is detected.

You can try by yourself:

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Maybe in the latest version log generation was disabled. I've uploaded a new version for windows, the 1.1.1, that should generate logs. When you open the game and it crashes, check again and look for two files: error.txt and output.txt. Let's see if there are any useful information in any of those.

Maybe it's a configuration or hardware issue. We've seen several people sharing recordings of DigDeep on YouTube, so it's definitely possible. Have you tried using a different recording software?

On the other hand, I've installed OBS classic and tried recording the game without any issue. I don't know very much how to use this software, but I'm attaching a couple of screenshots so you can check my configuration. 

I hope some of this will help you!

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Hello @dacoolmike. I'm really sorry that window mode didn't resolve the issue :( We want to see your gameplay! I'll try using OBS Classic to find out what's happening.

Meanwhile, could you check if you have file called error.txt at the same folder where the executable is located? The contect could shed some light on the problem. You can email it to us at Thanks!

You became a master digdeeper very quick, congratulations! We've also had fun watching your record. Thanks for playing our game :)