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This pretty good and a bit scary XD Not sure how complete that second segment was so i tried it once or twice and ended the video. Also completed normal difficulty. Don't know about brutal tbh.

This was pretty good. Felt like i was playing an old game on a crt a little bit. Also made a video on it. This was pretty spooky though not gonna lie XD

This was not bad for a demo. Did not encounter any bugs as far as i am aware anyways. Btw that ending got me good XD Also made a video.

This was good for a short game. Didn't encounter any bugs as far as i am aware. The little puzzle with getting on the other side of the bars didn't have any issues. Also made a video on it.

This was was good. Had a creepy atmosphere and tbh i did not expect that ending XD made a video.

This was good for a demo. Definitely got me good at the end XD Still question why this man has alot of out houses when there's a toilet upstairs. Made a video.


It was short but great. Ambient sounds definitely caught me off guard xD

This was good. Like the concept of seeing things different through a video camera. 

This was a bit spooky. Kinda questioning how gum got in the vents tbh. Btw made a video on it. 

Just figured out an angle that triggers it everytime. Heres a screenshot of the angle. btw no clicking zoom simultaneously just thats the first thing i did when i was struggling to get the sequence to happen.

So far this is turning out to be the best PT recreation that exist. Also made a video on it (Pointed out some bugs i encountered though haven't really looked for any there may be alot more bugs.)

It's a remake. Although it is pretty impressive as one too i can see how somebody can think it may be running the actual PT iso or whatever it may be for PS4.

You just have to keep zooming into the door simultaneously until she peaks her head and shuts the door. I had to fight with that for a  bit to get it to work. Still this is the most accurate one i think it just needs a bit of fixes.

Wow that was not what i expected at the end xD good game regardless and also like the Yahoo mock up. Also made a video on it:

Wow did not expect this to be that short haha. Regardless it was hilarious. Also made a video on it: 

This was pretty dope. Sad konami took it down. Had to find a mirror link somewhere on reddit.


This was a great demo. Hope for the full release!
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This was pretty good for a demo and it got me really good especially near the end. Hope for a full release. Also made a video on it.