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Frankly Tired

A member registered Sep 01, 2015

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Sidefx is giving away 2 months licenses for this game of Houdini Indie, so you can claim the license for the time being and use it. Also, I encourage you to learn houdini CHOPs to generate your own procedural textures or use quixel mixer.

Thanks for your response! I already have a good set of my own HDAs I've been working from sometime for my own personal projects. This jam is the perfect chance for a test drive and I'm glad I'll be able to use them.

Hi, I have experience in several jams such as the Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare, and I'll like to know whats the position of the Houdini Game Jam of using assets, old code from previous projects, empty templates (like the third person shooter from unreal or the 3d game kit from unity or a store bought template).

Are those prohibited or not?  If the template provides the basic setup for a game (weapon mechanics or point and click mechanics, but nothing else) is it valid to use in this particular jam or are following regular jam rules of making everything from scratch?

even payoneer would be a better alternative.

then just restrict them to regular banks, which can be done.

you can't either make up identities in a bank; which is even harder than you may believe.

you can do the very same with paypal, you know?

I think wire transfer to personal accounts the user has in banks is safer an better. Specially for those that have debit cards. 

What about direct wire transfer?