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Fayne Aldan

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Or maybe allow us to easily add custom buttons to the interface that just run a specified command (in console) or a specified custom tool, and allow us to choose between a small range of generic icons and specify a tooltip.

Not exactly what I was asking about. I was thinking have a simple way to commit to and push an existing got repository within the app, so I don't need to open Command Prompt to do it.

It would be nice if PV8 could some basic Git integration to make it easier to share our code.

Actually, it would nice if PV8 had a function like PICO-8's BTNP. It acts like the function I mentioned above, but with additional button repeats (in PICO-8, repeats every 4 frames, repeat starts after 15 frames)

Also, some small built-in utility functions would be nice, like number clamping (math.min(math.max(num,min),max)), number wrapping, and maybe a conditional returning method (returns param 2 if param 1 is true, otherwise returns param 3, example on bottom). Maybe these could go into a "utils" property that can be accessed from apiBridge (or imported separately? different bridge?)

local utils = apiBridge.utils
local clamp = utils.clamp
local wrap = utils.wrap
local cond = utils.conditional
print(cond(lives == 1, "life", "lives"))
-- JavaScript equivalent: lives == 1 ? "life" : "lives"

Something like that.

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind this being added to the demos. I'm also planning to update it with mouse support and better control. All I do for detecting A and B presses is check when the buttons are released. It would be nice if there was an API method for detecting when a button is pressed (instead of detecting IF a button is pressed).


This game is not WIP, but I couldn't find any better place to put it. I'm sure you already know, but it's Minesweeper!


The column of pixels on the right are copied from the leftmost column. If I moved the text on the top left a row to the left, the left of the M is also copied to the right.

When using the SFXTool and MusicTool, I've noticed that some data between the SFX and music seem to be overlapping. When I generate a song on ID 0 in MusicTool, it replaces the labels of my first four SFX. Likewise, changing the labels on the first four sound effects alters the song ID 0.

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SFXTool crashes with an IndexOutOfRangeException when backspace is pressed in the label textbox, regardless of if there is text in the field to backspace or not.

IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.