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You definitely deserved the #1 atmosphere rating, the music was also really well done. The story of this touched me deeply, keep making awesome games <3

The last level was a bit hard I agree, would be interested to hear myself if the lead dev has plans to continue the game. Thanks for the comment :)

Thank you! :D

Thanks very much for the comment :) I made the music for this game I am really glad you liked it. Also glad to hear you enjoyed the game-play, the last level can be rather hard depending on how you think to approach it! We'd have preferred if we'd had time to implement more levels and mechanics, but it didn't work out.

Yes! I can rate games, just found out now! I enjoyed playing this as you can see from my previous comments on the game before the jam was over. Thought your entry was a brilliant spin on the theme, even though it felt a little unforgiving, and the KB controls were just slightly too loose in regards to missing critical jumps. I loved the game though!

Thanks for your comments BeaverJoe, as the musician and cover art designer (I had no input on levels aside from testing)  on this game I agree with you once you know how to pass all the levels it is very short. I have no idea if the main dev has any plans to continue the project, I might ask him to respond to some of these comments later! Thank you again <3 !

Thanks very much for your comments FMProductions! <3 Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks Refraction I loved your entry <3 !

As the musician and cover art designer I feel your pains regarding the camera issues. I had them while testing the game and we decided we might have to remake the levels (while we were running out of time) and so we left it there. If I had part in the graphics side of things (and knew unity better) I might have tried to help implement some of those things you mentioned. Anyway thanks for your comment :)

Thanks for the comment, :) I had no part in the art production on this so I couldn't really influence that (outside of the title text and cover screen. I made the music for the game and as the actual dev hasn't seen this yet I thought I'd better reply :) Thanks again.

Construct for HTML 5 games FTW XD ! No offense I love unity too but it seems to break web projects for jams every time :P

Edit. Tried the windows build and made it way further. There is an issue on the web build where it clips some of the game out of the window (ie it's not all visible, not 100% sure but I think both vertically and horizontally)

Loved it, didn't get too far (I'd play something like this better if it had controller support.) My fave thing was the death sounds! (they remind me of my favorite all time death sound in games (a really gross sound from the original empire earth lol XD )) The browser window looked like it might be  a little clipped, I'm gonna try the download version to see if it is different. Overall nice game :)

Brilliant game idea, the music and graphics were done really well. I didn't finish it cause those dastardly red enemies kept screwing me over. I saw Snakebird mentioned in the comments and this game reminds me of that too !


Liked what I played so far. The graphics were amazing, the retro music was top notch, I would say the only thing I'd complain about is the hit-boxes and collisions felt slightly unfair sometimes, I kept dying towards the end of the second level, and I got to the point where I felt even if I %100 ed a difficult obstacle, one small screw-up could cost me loads of health and thus lose me the level. I'd say more forgiving I-frames (invulnerabilty timer) could have helped with this. I did enjoy the game though and I'd say it was an amazing presentation for a 100 hour game jam.

Played a couple of games of this. Interesting concept for a game! Glad I could contribute some of the music for it. The detective work is done really well for a quick jam game, and the characters seem to have some degree of randomness to them. I thought it was pretty good!

Played a couple of games :) The tutorial is a welcome addition, the game is a lot more complete than when you first let me test it! When you get to the last planet left the screen becomes a crazy cluster**** of enemies, but I honestly find it more funny than something to complain about. Great job on the game, hope it does well in the jam, glad  I could make you some music for it :D

Thanks for the awesome comment :D

Thanks for the shoutout for the music :) Glad I could contribute to your awesome game!

Hey there, sorry it took me so long to get around to playing your game, was working with my team for the EC jam. I won the game (made it to wave 30) first time (I had played your previous test versions though) I had maxed out my towers by maybe wave 24-25. Overall I thought it was a great game and I'm glad I could contribute music to it for the jam. One thing I'd recommend you do before the jam is over is make a .zip version of your game ( I have 7-zip but I doubt everyone does.)  Hope my comment helps you out! Thanks for sending me a link to the finished game :D

Awesome game :) Tried it in waterfox and experienced a glitch with the UI but it works fine in chrome. Glad I could contribute a soundtrack for it :)

Thanks for the comment :D I'll be sure to comment on yours when you're one is up for the jam, just message me on discord!

Those were planned but unfortunately cut :( I had lots of plans for this game but I was ill for over half the jam so it didn't end up how I wanted it. Thanks for your comments about the music!

Amazing game graphically! Other than being a bit lacking in music for such a long game, I thought it was great. I found it a bit difficult due to the reset to start on death, so I wasn't able to finish the game as I got killed in some way going in every direction LOL :) My favorite things were the secrets, it felt amazing finding little shortcuts and extra health and power-ups hidden all over the place!

I'd love to try it again after the jam is over! Right now I'm trying to rate peoples games, as well as make my submission for Proc Jam which has 6 days left I believe. Good luck on adding more to it, I'll follow you so I can see if you add more after the ratings are over. If I forget about it and you update it don't hesitate to message me on discord (you can find me on the GDU and BTP discords with Fatal Exit as my username)

Thanks very much for the feedback :)

Doing the game for both jams was actually easier than you might imagine. I was stumped for the first day of the BTP jam and I'd almost given up trying to think of something to do for it, when I decided to make a Halloween game with a bit of a gamedev pun! Getting 2 jams done with one game was a liberating experience, it meant I didn't have to give up on either of them.

I would have loved to have fit in a bit more time spent on adding a more complete damage system than the SFX + screenshake I had, but I came back to this game on the last day of the jam with loads of stuff to finish and loads of stuff ended up being cut. Character movement would have been easy to change, for some reason I enjoyed the current movement, but I get that on some of the bigger maps a sprint function would have been nice to have.

My most wanted feature to have managed to fit into this game would have been enemy markers on the minimap, or else a red arrow guiding you to the nearest enemy!

And thanks very much for hosting the jam, even though the theme wan't my favorite! Even though I don't use Unity (Coding hurts my brain, that's why I use Construct XD ) your YouTube channel, along with GameDevUnderground's (did his jam 3 weekends ago!) have been huge in encouraging me to get back into Gamedev, and for that I want to give a huge thank you!

Thanks very much for the feedback. I had to go with the theme for BTP and Darktober at the same time so it would make getting good scores in theme for either jam a little harder! Glad you liked the music and minimap :)

This game is amazing, well polished. Only thing I didn't like was it made my hand cramp up XD! Wish it had sound fx and music!

I agree completely with Sprazzal, the game is well executed minus the small FOV, the death restarts are painful when you get screwed over, like one place I though oh nice a power-up ( and the game was like nope you died) The block placing concept was really neat though! Cool game!

Amazing art style, you're so good with inkscape :O

Awesome for a first game, my submission to this jam was my fourth :P The faster enemies were a little unforgiving, but other than that everything else was great!

Thank you very much for your rating, the fixed version is definitely better XD! The controls could do with a bit more work, the music I put a lot of effort into, the mini-map I put a lot of effort into too (tried to get enemy markers working but no dice, unfortunately). I appreciate all the feedback!

Cool idea :) Nice spin on a defense game, I found an unfortunate bug (or is it a feature) One of the big bugs ground pounded me outside the level and I was left unable to do anything while bugs swarmed into my game, I'd have made a video of it if I'd had my screencap software open! Other than that it was a lot of fun!

Really cool concept! The voices and music were weird but I think the game was meant to be kinda humorous in that way so it's not a complaint :) I got stuck on the level where Patience is required, I could see the door, drop down to it, but I would always fall past it to my death when trying to toggle on and off gravity to stop falling. Other than this issue the level manipulation techniques were done really well! Good job!

I have the same issue as Loading Dev, sometimes you can''t see an object right at the edge of the screen, so in most cases I don't even try to go after it. Other than that issue, the game is a really neat concept, the random varied height levels make for an interesting challenge.

I love the puzzles, reminds me a lot of lemmings with more puzzles this could be amazing! The way you interact with the levels is unique, the only issue I really had was that the platforms didn't snap to the "sweet spot" (neither up too far or down too low) making me waste iterations on pixel high movement. Overall a pretty good job!

Thank you very much, the movement could have been fleshed out with mechanics like a dodge roll, however i was trying to avoid heavy animation tasks. I only spent 3/12 days of the jam working on it (Maybe 20 hours of actual work on it) so I'm not surprised you found it a little unpolished :P

The enemies behind you being invisible would have been easy to implement, however I wanted to not punish the player on later levels running between rooms with many enemies, where losing sight of an enemy behind you could mean your imminent demise :P It was a deliberate choice not to include that. Thank you for the feedback though I'll keep it in mind for future games!

Thank you very much! The first day of development all I did was make the basic vector art for the game, establishing the style, later on I added the lighting and LOS systems and I'm happy with how it all came together!

Thank you very much! The random levels were created with the Roguelike Toolkit plugin for construct 3 as my first time ever making a game with Proc Gen!