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Definitely!! I'm just grateful for all the suggestions we've been given. The way I implemented stamina in the game too wasn't super clear either so that's definitely going to need a revamp in updating this as it did not feel intuitive at all with how I implemented it.

Thanks for playing!! That issue standing to one side we found too and we've already got fixes coming on the way such as better arrow tracking and a higher fire rate when u get more health and such.

Yea they happen was a random thing as I was watching another guy play your game and it didn't happen to him!! Amazing job with the game it was fun.

Amazing game guys!!

I loved the art and the music felt really fitting for a puzzle game. Keep it up!!

Fun little game I liked the art quite alot.  It was fun talking to all the characters too.

Amazing job guys. Was quite fun to play, for some reason the music seemed to stop after awhile but that's ok. Also I found it hard to find the robots to kill them when there was 1 left and I found it hard to aim at them to maybe have some form of crosshair to make it easier to aim?

Amazing job though be proud!!

Really fun game. I got stuck when I opened the last door one of the turtles I couldn't get to come back over to me so I could finish but other than that I loved it. Really amazing job and use of the theme!!!

I love the art style in this game and the sound effects are really good. Amazing job on making it fit the theme too!!!

Fun game well done, the music was a bit too loud but that was just my personal taste so good job!!!

All I can is just wow. That was fun and the atmosphere was amazing. Good job guys!!!

Thank you for playing!!! 

We've already started modifying the arrow firing system so that it increases the fire rate over time as we agree it was way too easy at the moment.  From looking at other people's comments we're also thinking of adding possible obstacles you can jump over or duck under too to add a bit more challenge that way.

Thank you for the feedback!!! We've already started to modify how the arrows fire at you to make it more challenging and adding obstacles would definitely be cool and add a bit more challenge.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the feedback!!!

Thank you for the feedback!!! We thought about having pickups so we'll look at implementing them and see what feels right and fun!!

We've already started making it so as you progress the number of arrows increase as we found it currently is too easy to dodge them too. Loads of things like obstacles and a jump mechanic would definitely be really cool to implement so we'll definitely give it a look!!! Thank you for the feedback!!!

Thanks for playing!!! Some obstacles could be cool to add definitely. I'll add it to my list.

Quite a fun little game, at first I just headed straight for the exits but later on I had to think about what I was doing. I like your use of the theme too by leaving part of your slime behind!! Very creative.

Thanks for playing our game!! I agree the use of the theme was a bit light. We had ideas originally where you would leave your limbs behind as they got shot. A bit graphic but sadly we didn't have the time to implement that. We will try and implement that in a subsequent update perhaps. Even that though would've been a bit light on the theme yea but none the less it was fun to make!

Definitely something like that would be usefull. Good job though anyway it was fun!

Thanks for playing!!

Yea that won't be to hard to put in I'll make sure to make it only happen once.

Thanks Joe!! Was fun competing in this jam!

Really fun game!! Wasn't sure where to go with the presents at first but once I found the target circles and got into the groove it was quite fun to play. Good job!!

Thanks for the feedback!!! The game does have an end if you can manage to reach it!!! I agree the arrows are a bit loud so I'll look at lowering their volume. Cheers!!

Thanks for the feedback!! We'll look at changing the arrow sounds being instantiated so it feels a bit more natural. Cheers!!

Cheers!! Thanks for playing!!

Fun game well done!!!