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I discovered this game on 31st March this year, and I must say it's really one of the best RTS games I ever played. Keep up the good work!

Very well made game, I played it the same day you released it. I really like the concept, the story is well made... and keep up the good work! You did very well done job on publishing your first game, and I hope that you will continue to make awesome games. I know that you have unreleased Scratch games, and it's little complicated software since it's just for kids and you can't make the game as you imagined... so yeah... short story short... keep up the good work and never stop!

No matter how You do that,we will be still setisfied as it is.Give us atleast Beta or something.

Please make it for Android too!

Nice to hear that!!!!

It says that application is not installed,everytime I want to install it.Do You have proper installation guide for this game?

Woah thats great!Keep up the good work!

The game is so far so good,but even if You finish it,I want that this game have pause menu and Main Menu.That would be great to put in the game,otherwise this game is cool as it is.

Thanks for your time and your reply,can't wait that You fix the game so I can finaly play it.Even if I am 24 years old,I still love the Dinosaurs and their story,and this game is realy realy awesome!

Its realy awesome game,and it need some practice to actualy play this game!Keep up the good work! 

I can't send you private message on or in Twitter. 0.0

This is just ideas,I didn't say that you NEED to put them in game.

1.that we can see which upgrades we choosed.

2.Endless Mode.(50 levels or so)

3.When we press on Yellow Pause,we can go back to the main menu.

This is just one of my ideas,since I finish the game.Keep up the good work!You have 5 stars from me!

Why this game needs an 64 bit Windows? 

got it already!Thanks for responding!

Finaly hahahahahahaha!Thank you very much! :D

Please make it for 32bit Windows too!

I played it a bit on my low end Laptop,but its actualy a gift for my dad,and I am so excited to give him this game to play on his modern PC!Game is so awesome! I hope that You will make another part of thsi game!Good job!

Please make it for 32bit Windows too.

Thanks for kinds words!I will check it out!

This game rocks!Please make real Battle Alert music! :D

This game is awesome,but QR Code puzzle little suprised me.This game is 11/10!Keep up the good work! 

Can you please add pause option or is it already in the game?

roger roger,thanks for the answer!!

Install Joy to key software and it will works.

Offline Co-op...sorry for my fast writting.

Is there any any way that you make this game co-op?

I realy like this game and it brings me a memories of Playstation 1 when I played this game with my dad.Its been realy crazy time!Because this is first comment in Yours game,I will not upload my Youtube video!Thanks for this game so much!

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Okay I got it,with 0 coding experience in the middle of nowhere.So what you need to do is to write where is <p> you need to rewrite like this: <p style="background-color: #000000"> Okay...the six 0 are the code of the color and it will end on </p> so that is LUL.You can also check my profile to see how it looks.

Hello.I just want to ask,how I can make that blackish shadow is behind my text.A lot of You watched movies subtitles with shadows behind text.How I can make it here on

ohhh,I am so noobish...I didn't realise that.I was go straight to the Download page.Sorry for Your time!!!

Everytime I want to launch .exe file,my game is just stopping to work.Please fix it!

Is it possible that you make 32bit version please?I realy want to play this game! :)

This is the best game I ever play!Its my #1 on my list and I will definately play it over and over again!Also,here is my Playlist!

Unique and awesome retro game!Keep up the good work!

Game is awesome!I just recorded and made 12550 score!Its funny game!What is realy needed is music,but OVERALL,I don't have any complains.Also,if one day you want to add music,just put it that we can turn off all sounds with Z,thats just my opinion!Great game!Keep up the good work!