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This is just ideas,I didn't say that you NEED to put them in game.

1.that we can see which upgrades we choosed.

2.Endless Mode.(50 levels or so)

3.When we press on Yellow Pause,we can go back to the main menu.

This is just one of my ideas,since I finish the game.Keep up the good work!You have 5 stars from me!

Why this game needs an 64 bit Windows? 

got it already!Thanks for responding!

Finaly hahahahahahaha!Thank you very much! :D

Please make it for 32bit Windows too!

I played it a bit on my low end Laptop,but its actualy a gift for my dad,and I am so excited to give him this game to play on his modern PC!Game is so awesome! I hope that You will make another part of thsi game!Good job!

Cheers and thanks for hearing me out! :) 

Can You please make it for Windows 32 bit?

Oh yeah,I just want to give you some ideas for the game.You don't have to put them in game ofcourse.
1.Waves of the monsters(1,2,5,8,11,14,18,25 and so on...
2.Instead P for disabling the monsters,it will pause the game.
3.Controller support.(If its possible)
4.Co-op offline.(If its possible)
6. 1 or 10 points per monster kill.

You should,its pretty interesting!

Character can go offscreen,so consider to make smaller ice area and for music and effects see  its the best site for that. :)

Please make it for 32bit Windows too.

Thanks for kinds words!I will check it out!

This game rocks!Please make real Battle Alert music! :D

This game is awesome,but QR Code puzzle little suprised me.This game is 11/10!Keep up the good work! 

Can you please add pause option or is it already in the game?

roger roger,thanks for the answer!!

Install Joy to key software and it will works.

Offline Co-op...sorry for my fast writting.

Is there any any way that you make this game co-op?

I realy like this game and it brings me a memories of Playstation 1 when I played this game with my dad.Its been realy crazy time!Because this is first comment in Yours game,I will not upload my Youtube video!Thanks for this game so much!

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Okay I got it,with 0 coding experience in the middle of nowhere.So what you need to do is to write where is <p> you need to rewrite like this: <p style="background-color: #000000"> Okay...the six 0 are the code of the color and it will end on </p> so that is LUL.You can also check my profile to see how it looks.

Hello.I just want to ask,how I can make that blackish shadow is behind my text.A lot of You watched movies subtitles with shadows behind text.How I can make it here on

ohhh,I am so noobish...I didn't realise that.I was go straight to the Download page.Sorry for Your time!!!

Everytime I want to launch .exe file,my game is just stopping to work.Please fix it!

Is it possible that you make 32bit version please?I realy want to play this game! :)

This is the best game I ever play!Its my #1 on my list and I will definately play it over and over again!Also,here is my Playlist!

Unique and awesome retro game!Keep up the good work!

Game is awesome!I just recorded and made 12550 score!Its funny game!What is realy needed is music,but OVERALL,I don't have any complains.Also,if one day you want to add music,just put it that we can turn off all sounds with Z,thats just my opinion!Great game!Keep up the good work!

All good :D

Nice to hear that!Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for explaning!I GOT IT NOW!!!WOOOOOO!!!! :DDD

I realy like this game!Its simple and addictive!I also made no commentary video,but my Banidcam didn't listen to me,oh well...its Monday.One day,when I buy new PC,and I will definately stream this game!Great job,my friend!Bright future is so close to You!I hope that I will see new games from You!

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I find another issue with spamming special attack.Mordeth also has issue as his sister,and I can't defeat him.I battle him for 30 minutes(I know that I am crazy LOL),But everytime he have about 20%,his health points won't go lower.

The idea is awesome,I realy like this game.But when I want to shoot a ghosts and spend all my fruits,I can't leave the ghosts screen.When I press ESC,it just restart the game.Can You please fix it and add that we can exit the ghosts screen and back to our farm?

Thanks for respond,you are the best!

I am always get Error:The Intersect Client has encountered an error and must close.Error information can be found in logs/errors.log

I got it just now.But I would suggest You to put some music,I found it when I was maked my game,but I abandon it.You can find some in this link.They are free.

I am downloaded the game.Been exciting so much,and when I launched the game,all it is been is one level,and I can't do anything.Did you uploaded the wrong file? 

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I always wanted to make some game with my little sister.She is always liked GBC and she like Pokemon Silver.I am very happy to find You,and make my dream come true.She is now finished 1st grade,and I was thinking what we will do this summer,because we playing a games together alot.This is simply the best software for the kids,and for as old fools.I am also a Youtuber,and I will make a video of this software.Thank you milion times for your existance!!!