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Thank you playing it wish I could've made a fuller experience than this.

Yo that was pretty cool there was some nice concept, and it was nicely done for a 2 week jam. It was a bit janky for me on the web version the past versions of myself was sometimes teleporting out of nowhere because I traveled back in time. You should maybe save the vector applied to the player and apply it when you're traveling back in time. I liked the fact that you can jump on your projectiles but it might have been better to have a slower and bigger projectile dedicated to that for the level using that mechanic. Solid game overall!

I was expecting a rhythm game where you had to link all the lightbulb by clicking in time with the music.  But it was a bit more simplistic than I thought haha. It inspired me to make a game so thank you!

ooh I forgot to check the game modes afterwards haha.

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Nvm just saw one comment saying that haha. I liked the presentation a lot btw!

I'm surprised that I was the only one to find this glitch but on the windows version if you have for example 3 slimes but you need 4 to complete the level you just have to be near the pipe and spam X times the direction towards the absorb pipe and it will absorb the slimes X times. Making it possible to complete the level with 3 slimes and even 1 slime. Aside from that nice game but I could not stop myself to cheese some part with that glitch. It was surprisingly still challenging with the red slimes haha.

I really like the concept of the game and the UI was really nice! The AI is easy but the game was made in 2 days so I can forgive that. I would love a 2P mode. Online is way too much to ask but that would have been cool to play with other player in lobbies.

Great music and gameplay, but the tutorial is too long to read,  make it simple. Same thing for the stats I don't have the time to read them all just tell them what they're good at dierctly. But the animation were really good for a 2 days game!

Thank you for playing and rating it!

Oh really? Interesetting.

I thank you for taking the time to play it!

thanks :)

I'm quite happy to hear that thank you!

It was cool, I really liked the smoothness of the animations.  It's a tough one that's for sure I got blocked at the same level as the others.  But nice concept!

Really ? like Isn't it too minimalistic ? But thank you I was happy with that idea!

Thank you're right I should've thought of that sooner, I was hesitating if the player could wall jump on real wall. So I left that in... Thank you for the honest review!

That was a fine game! I think more clouds would be great to predict where are the balloon going. I really like the sounds overall, and the birds behavior even if a bit too chaotic was cool to look at.

PS: My high score is 15 I TRIED

Thank you for playing! I was hesitating if the player should be able to wall jump on other walls, I thought it was a bad idea at first but I did saw a lot of my friend struggle... I'll take your opinion into account! That and adding a double jump while on the red part, could be interesting. Thank you for the kind words.

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Amazing game! Just one complain tho, the terrain is a bit too squary for this kind of game, your character stop because the terrain is just 2 pixels taller or smaller. Slopes could be a great fix. I really like the verticality of some levels. it wa really fun to travel with the kunais!

The art was pretty cool but the gameplay was tough and hard to control.  I really like the concept!

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I wonder what will you build out of this. You  did a lot of stuff in 7days. Excited to see what you're going to do after the jam.

I've made several mistakes but all of them were learning experience indeed. thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you, I'll try adding more bots after the jam (maybe not 100% sure haha)

Thank you! I will check out your game!

Haha thank you. Glad you liked it ^^

I like it, it was pretty cool!

That's a really cool concept but oh god it goes way to fast someitmes. I don't even have the time to read  that the day is already over. Just pause the game so that I can read the new features and cheater. Aside from that the music is a killer for the atmosphere and the art was quite fine! Well done overall!

That sounds awesome!!! I'm gonna look into it thanks for sharing!

Awesome game, the death animation  is top notch!

the ost is a bop!


Yay! thanks for playing! The auto gun is like the high risk high reward kinda thing, so it's normal if you missed a few shots haha.

It was a pretty nice game! The minimalist artsytle is good and the particle really adds tot he charm!

Solid 3-days game!

I wanted to eat the world clean, as soon as I was starting to chomp on trees I was like YESH FEED ME!!

It was fun! At least in top 5-10!

Hey! Finally someone noticed my instructions, I'm so happy!Thank you for playing it! 

I'm new as a game dev I didn't know that arrow keys were that uncommon. Thanks I will definetly add WASD support in all my games now haha!

I will defintly add that once the jam is over, I underestimated people hatred of the arrows. thanks!

Good puzzle, we just need some sounds!

Make the death a bit faster, less slippery control, and we got something really good! Liked the sounds a lot!