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Its okay bro, yeah because you want to make browser game right, most of browsers may not support gles 3.

Thank you bro, you helping me to create auto tile, if I didn't find this tool maybe I just use single tile for every tile.

I know you use gamemaker studio to make this game, but you use GML or DnD for this game?

You use gles 2 or gles 3?

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Download this game and speedrun.

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Good game bro, just made in 24 hours. I think you are a better game developer than me. Can you play my games that made in 6 hours? I need your comment to know how I can improve my games.

I just want to know why game file size made with unreal is so big.

Good game Dani, I hope you can also play my game

I want to ask you something again, how to export the game to apk

thank you, this tool is good like aseprite. But I edit the code to increase the window size. I just download the source code and use it


Nak buat game kat android, kena ade android studio, berat tu. Nanti saya buat game HTML jelah.

Actually, this is my first game. You can tell(comment) me if anything I can add to this game.

Thank you for the information.

What programming language use in this game engine?

You just use pygame module or you also use other module?

This game look like Whirling blade.

This game make me feel want to create a game with pygame, I am a python and pygame beginner.

Can you make a godot tutorial on youtube?

What module you use to create this app?